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Kitchen Island Remodel

A kitchen island remodel is an exciting way to add work space to your cooking area and maximize the square footage of the room. Whether you choose a basic, practical island or an island with multiple utilities and storage compartments, you'll appreciate the way this feature increases the functionality of your kitchen. You don't have to remodel the entire room or install expensive cabinetry when you add this one, versatile element to your living environment.

Kitchen remodeling contractors are experts at this design feature, which has become increasingly popular as more homeowners try to economize and hone their cooking skills by dining at home. Adapted from the kitchens of professional chefs, the design of a kitchen island saves you time and storage space by putting many of your key appliances and utensils within easy reach. Talk with a home improvement specialist about how you can add this element to your kitchen without spending a lot of money on a big remodeling project.

Designing Islands for Kitchens

Like toe kick kitchen drawers, even a simple, basic island can add to the market value of your home. When you're showing your house to potential buyers, this relatively small addition can make a big difference in the way they perceive your kitchen's efficiency. If the structural components of your island are coordinated with the finishes of your cabinets, doors and flooring, the visual impact of this unified decor can be very striking. Add unique lighting fixtures above your island's surface, and your design will be as beautiful as it is practical.

Before you decide to remodel your kitchen's entire layout, consider whether this element will add to your space or crowd a room that already feels cramped. If you're currently bumping elbows with your family or guests whenever you cook or prepare to serve a meal, an addition may only make your space issues worse. Including this element in your layout may involve relocating a refrigerator or stove or even removing a set of cabinets to allow the cook easier access to appliances.

When you're planning your kitchen island remodel, think about how you intend to use this feature. Islands can vary significantly in their level of complexity. The most basic kitchen island remodel may include the structure itself, a counter top and drawers or cupboards underneath the counter. With the addition of a few bar stools, a basic island can serve as a space for serving breakfast, snacks or light lunches. More elaborate islands can include an oven range, grill, sink or garbage disposal.

Budget Kitchen Island Remodel

Your remodel budget will also be a factor in your kitchen island's design. With the help of a kitchen remodel contractor, you can install a very basic structure that will enhance your kitchen's functionality without breaking your bank account. A more extensive remodel, including the addition of overhead vents, a range or plumbing fixtures, could run into the thousands of dollars. Consider exactly what you need and what you want to pay before you commit to a kitchen island remodel project.

You can save a considerable amount of money on your kitchen island remodel by comparison shopping for products and services. It's possible to spend more than you intended simply by buying materials from a specialty retailer rather than a home improvement wholesaler. The contractor who works with you on your kitchen island remodel can offer valuable suggestions on how you can cut your costs by choosing certain suppliers or building materials.

Shopping for materials for your kitchen island remodel online is a great way to find bargains. Some home improvement outlets offer discounts to their online customers, and browsing for products on the internet can save you time and gas money. You can reduce your expenses even more if you're able to pick up your products at a local outlet instead of having them shipped to your home. Shipping costs for large materials add to the total cost of your project.

Islands for kitchens can reduce your overall home remodeling costs. Because islands can double as storage areas, you can combine this project with the addition of new cupboards, pull out drawers or cabinets underneath the island's counter top. Instead of having expensive cabinetry installed, you'll have the benefit of added space for cooking or socializing when you remodel your room to include this feature.

A kitchen island remodel expands the possibilities of your cooking area while creating an inviting area for guests or family members to gather in your home. This design element not only makes it easier to prepare and serve meals; it also gives your kids a place to chat, snack, do homework and talk about their day. Connect with a professional home remodeling consultant through this website to learn about how you can include this versatile element in your home.