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Toe Kick Drawers

Toe kick drawers are a clever innovation that allows you to utilize that hard-to-reach space at the base of a kitchen cabinet, also known as the toe kick. The more storage space you can create below the level of your counter tops, the more room you have to add windows, overhead cabinets, racks or shelves. Toe kick drawers fulfill a specific function in contemporary kitchens by helping you maximize your square footage.

These days, it seems that kitchen space is always at a premium. In addition to all the traditional, basic flatware, pots and pans and serving dishes, our cooking spaces are filled with trendy gadgets, appliances and the latest gourmet utensils. Even though you want to use every available space in this important part of the house, you want your cabinets to be visually appealing design elements that coordinate with your flooring, doors and other features.

Kitchen Drawer Organization

Although toe kick drawers aren't the most eye-catching feature in your cooking space, like kitchen pull out drawer cabinets, they play an important organizational role. Kitchen pull out drawers are a variation on static shelves. Dishes and pans can be kept in shelves that provide a system for organizing your flatware and utensils. However, these shelves have spaces at the back that aren't easy to reach. Drawers, on the other hand, can be pulled away from a cabinet frame to give you easy access to the drawer's contents.

The toe kick is the area at the base of a cabinet where you can place your feet as you're using the top of the cabinet as a work space. For many cooks, it makes more sense to use this space for storage, freeing up your overhead walls for other purposes. A toe kick drawer may be the most shallow drawer in your cabinet. Deeper drawers can be used for large pots, serving dishes or mixers and other bulky appliances.

Toe kick drawers are a fun, stylish way to increase your kitchen's storage capabilities without having to install an entirely new set of cabinets. A toe kick drawer is the perfect place to keep cookie sheets, pizza pans, broilers, or other flat baking dishes. Because most homeowners and casual cooks don't use those items every day, keeping them at floor level isn't an inconvenience. On the contrary, storing these pans in out-of-the-way toe kick drawers means you won't have to stack them in overhead shelves, where you'd rather keep plates and glassware.

The top drawers in your cabinet are often reserved for cutlery, utensils and other items that you need to be able to access quickly when preparing or serving meals. If you like to work in an area that gives you ready access to your stove and refrigerator, you'll appreciate having well organized cabinetry with a variety of storage features. Toe kick drawers are a useful addition to any kitchen remodeling project.

Toe Kick Drawer Installation

Installing a toe kick drawer in one or more of your cabinets doesn't have to involve remodeling your entire cooking environment. However, if you're planning to remodel the entire room, you can enhance this feature's functionality with bright lighting that allows you to see your lower drawers more clearly. Flattering overhead track lights can bring out the finish on your cabinetry and draw attention to your beautifully designed shelves and drawers.

If your cabinetry needs a complete makeover, ask an interior design professional about your options for improving the structure and finishes of your cabinets. A light, clear finish or paint can brighten dark areas and make the whole room look larger. Simple, sculpted metal handles and knobs for your pull out shelves or doors bring your cooking environment up to date with a more contemporary look.

When you identify one improvement that you can make in a room, it's hard not to see a dozen other features that could be freshened up or modified. Use this website as a source of inspiration for your redecorating or remodeling ideas. Bring your kitchen's decor together by considering new flooring, counter tops and sink fixtures.

Take the first step in adding new toe kick drawers by contacting a number of professional home improvement contractors through this website. As you compare quotes on modifying your existing cabinets, ask these professionals about the practicality of including toe kick drawers in your design plans. When you see how these apparently simple conveniences facilitate your work in the kitchen, you'll be glad you included them in your remodeling project.

Toe kick drawers can be the beginning of an organizational project that makes your whole environment more efficient. Cooking your favorite dishes and entertaining friends will be more satisfying when you can work in an orderly, updated room. Use the internet to connect with home improvement contractors who can help you make your design ideas a reality.