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Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

A contemporary kitchen remodel is not your mother's kitchen, even if you are moving into her old house. If the idea of tea and cookies, and anything traditional need to be thrown out the window, or if you are moving into your loft after many years of eyeing such properties, there is no room for the staid, Queen Anne, or country styles here. Instead, contemporary allows streamlined looks, a focus on some creative elements and some bright touches of color that allow you to focus on what you love the most about your new space.

Function can trump style in such designs, as well. Whereas you may have entirely backed down and shied away from using metal countertops, such as stainless steel or copper in the past, now is the time to consider using such easy-clean, easily sterilized surfaces. Because now there is no concern for whether it will conflict with the existing space or architectural features of your home. A contemporary kitchen remodel is also appealing to those who perhaps have left the city to raise a family. Maybe saying good bye to your old loft was not an easy decision, and for that reason alone you want to bring in elements of the contemporary into your new house.

Fix Most Problems

Whatever is the impetus, the starting point here is the same as for any affordable kitchen remodel. Start out by tracking your functional use of your present kitchen for one or two months. Make any notes about problems that arise in the space that you would like to see remedied in your remodel project. Other items to include are such things as the plastic grocery bag that you hang from the kitchen cabinets near the sink, to collect vegetable scraps, and tiny wrappers. This may be best incorporated in your contemporary kitchen remodel as an under-counter garbage can drawer that slides out for your daily use.

A contemporary kitchen remodel works with function too. Tend to hard-to-reach where you have to bend down to unplug, or plug in appliances, or to access necessary pots and pans. Pay attention as well whenever you need to pull out a step stool. While these can serve a purpose, it is best to limit their use in every day kitchen function to avoid slips, spills, trips, and falls. It can be a dangerous area in which to work, especially with appliances that chop, grind, and heat up to temperatures above 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Choosing the Best Looks

From there, you may want to work closely with a design professional such as a specialized kitchen designer, an architect, or a contractor. This will ensure that all of the functional aspects of your remodel are included. In addition, you may want to focus on the contemporary styles as well. Prior to approaching such professionals, you may want to know the types of contemporary elements that most appeal to you. If it is a specific space that you saw in a magazine, make sure that you know if you want everything from the photo, or if it is just the color and style of the sink, for instance. A contemporary kitchen remodel is fun and allows use of your imagination.

Every contemporary kitchen remodel will require you to decide upon your sense of contemporary style. Whether you know you want frameless cabinets or not, add in that you may love hanging lamps, an open area that a loft offers. This is all important to know because it will help direct the contractors, and whether they build out new walls for your remodel, or leave the rustic look, of having exposed duct work and heating vents in place.

Additionally, focus on the air flow in your contemporary kitchen remodel. If it the walls of your home are cinder block, then it may trap in cold in the winter, and heat and humidity in the hottest months of the year. This may require extra work with an experienced heating and air or insulation company as well. The idea is to find a good balance between the visual design and the final functional space following the remodel project.

A contemporary kitchen remodel may require that you have the vision to create storage and cabinets where there was an empty massive space beforehand. There is the space above the cabinets that can house lighting, trinkets, planets, or almost anything you desire. Additionally, you may have a chance to enjoy the hanging lamps that you have envied and wanted for your own use for years. This will save space in cabinets that may have otherwise been used to wire the lighting in your old home. As far as the contemporary remodel is concerned, anything goes. A contemporary kitchen remodel allows you to choose whether to repurpose old items, and make them new again.