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Planning a Kitchen Remodel

Planning a kitchen remodel is the one step that really sets the tone for the entire process. Whether you will have the needs and desires of your whole family met with quality manifestation through high quality products is up to you at this point in the game. It is important that you have a game plan, starting with a budget, and perhaps even a consultation or a full on plan created by a professional kitchen design professional or contractor.

Even if you have already gone through a kitchen remodel before, then you may be well aware of the importance of the role of professionals int he process of planning a kitchen remodel. They may add a good deal of expense to your kitchen remodel, but if you speak with anyone who has ever conducted a project such as this before, or from personal experience, you may know their inherent value. As you are budgeting for an inexpensive kitchen revamp, make it a point to deduct a good percentage, such as fifteen percent for mistakes and for the cost of a professional.

Planning as a Family

The first step to take, which you and your family are encouraged to do on your own is to find your favorite kitchen style or styles. In addition, start by keeping notes on what kinds of situations in your every day use of your kitchen are working or not working for you. This leg for

planning a kitchen remodel can run a few months. If you find you need more time, allow yourself up to six months just to decide the functional needs that you have for the purposes of your upcoming kitchen remodel.

While you are working on taking notes and determining what you want to realize in your remodel, jump right into the styles and product searches too. Even something as seemingly simple as flooring and cabinetry is involved, and can end up taking up a lot of time. The best way to start is by looking online, and at show rooms where remodel planning can be performed. In addition, you may find that getting samples, whether by purchase or borrowing, are a great way to envision how a product might look in your home.

So, once you have established a style, start evaluating your function. The next step is to go about planning a kitchen remodel layout that will work for you. This is the planning step in which many homeowners find designers and contractors to be very valuable. A designer knows there are a handful of layouts that are typically used, and depending upon the amount of space, they may combine a couple of layouts and functional areas to make your future space work for you.

Functional Triangles and More

For one, there are functional triangles to take into consideration for the purposes of planning a kitchen remodel. These are the simple work areas that make up a majority of the work spaces in most homes. For instance, as you are preparing a meal, think back to how you may have reached behind you to access the refrigerator and sink, and reached forward to chop and prepare your meal. From there, there are a few regular layouts that are normally a part of remodel planning.

They include the galley, which is one strip, like a big hallway in which you cook. The other two are the u-shaped or the l-shaped areas. Any and all are popular for planning a kitchen remodel. It really depends upon the space that is available in your home, or whether you will be knocking out walls, or simply planning a kitchen remodel around your present configuration. This is where the contractor or designer are particularly helpful in planning a kitchen remodel.

They will make sure that nothing that is structurally essential to the integrity of your home will be knocked out or torn away. In addition, they will know the local building codes that must be followed in order to be legal and to keep your home in safe working order. This is all a part of the planning process. In addition, the planning will also entail choosing materials for the counters, cabinets, flooring, and appliances. Be mindful of what purpose and features you want from your materials. This combined with your budget will help to make a successful renovation that serves you best. There are many product lines all with various price points. Make sure that you keep your own financials and desired outcome in mind during the entire process.

Planning a kitchen remodel may feel like a job in itself. But, with proper preparation, your efforts will be widely rewarded and enjoyed by your whole family. Consider the seating areas as well, as you may want to enjoy sitting around in the space too.