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Toe Kick Drawer

Toe kick drawer is an excellent innovation that makes use of space that previously was just wasted in the kitchen. At the very base of the lower cabinets where they meet the floor is the toe kick, a piece of decorative wood trim that basically is strictly ornamental other than its stated purpose of providing a way to protect the cabinet from our feet kicking it as we walk up to the countertops to work there. The idea of putting a drawer down there is a brilliant one fore a number of reasons. First of all, it makes use of space that was previously wasted: the area underneath the cabinet and behind that piece of trim, which is several inches tall and usually two feet deep.

Adding a toe kick drawer to your kitchen remodel creates all new storage space that you never had before. These are some great locations to store things like cookie sheets and other long, flat items. Just having this location available opens up other storage in the room because it clears out things that can go in this drawer from those locations. Storage is an issue in almost all kitchens large and small. It seems like we can never have enough of it. Finding a new area like the toe kick to locate more places to store things is great for your ability to stay organized and find a home for everything.

Hidden Storage by the Flooring

A toe kick drawer is basically just as inconspicuous as any trim piece down there, pretty well invisible unless you are looking right at it, and it provides valuable storage right at floor level. Gliding open right over your tile or wood floor, it is on wheels or casters that make it simple top operate in either direction. And once it is closed again and you are done using it, the drawer pretty much disappears again out of sight, a great feature for small kitchen remodels to be sure. This provides us with some excellent additional places to store things without changing the basic look of the room or altering overall design in any way.

What this means is that adding toe kick storage to your plans does not need to affect anything else you have visualized for the room. The design layout can stay the same, from the location of the appliances like the refrigerator and microwave stove set to the placement of the sink and the overall design flow. That's great news because it means regardless of what you have planned for the room, a toe kick drawer or even multiple drawers will fit into those plans. Most of us can use all the extra storage we can manage, and these materials are very cheap as a general rule, so it is a great thing to invest in a product like this in the context of an overall remodel program in the kitchen.

Pricing for Toe Kick Drawers

A drawer like this is not something that most of us have considered unless we've been introduced to the idea by a remodeler or someone else. But once you've become familiar with this product type, you will probably want to get some prices and see just how affordable it can be to add an element like this to the project. The best way to find out about prices for a toe kick drawer is just to get some quotes from local contractors. And the best and certainly the easiest way to get quotes is to get online and use our free service. Check out the rates that are out there in your local market and learn how much money you might save on a project like this in your home.

Use the free quote form and request toe kick drawer estimates from local providers. A toe kick drawer is an idea that probably feels long overdue for many of us who have searched endlessly for better ways to try to find a home for everything in our kitchens. Imagine if you just had somewhere to put all of the clutter from the island countertop. Even that would prove the value of a drawer in the toe kick.

Best Toe Kick Storage Deals

A drawer like this is very easily installed in the context of the initial install, and can also be retrofitted to existing cabinetry. Toe kick drawer products are extremely useful and they are also very affordable. Many consumers are surprised at how much money they can save when they add something like this to their kitchens or order them as an additional element for their full room remodels. Look at the prices offered by local contractors and find the best value in town. Save money on toe kick drawer installation and take advantage of all that extra space.