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Springfield Kitchen Remodeling

Springfield kitchen remodeling contractors can help you design a wonderful new cooking area for your home. You can add those great luxury countertops, the perfect new refrigerator, and anything else you want in your new cuisine. Springfield kitchen remodeling specialists will do everything they can to help you create the perfect cooking area for your Missouri home.

Of course, your Springfield kitchen remodeling contractors will always put safety first (as they should!). As they're designing your cooking area, they'll consider fire hazards and other dangers very carefully. There are specific risks that you may overlook if it's your first time redoing a cuisine, but experienced Springfield kitchen remodeling contractors will be very careful when designing and building your cooking area.

All About Kitchen Safety

There are a number of building codes concerning remodeling Missouri kitchens. Because so many accidents happen in the cooking area, building codes regarding remodeling in the cooking area are extensive. Luckily, experienced Springfield kitchen remodeling contractors should know them inside-out, and have no trouble making sure your cooking area complies with all the necessary codes.

First off, Springfield kitchen remodeling contractors will pay attention to basic safety rules. For example, your electrical outlets will be placed far from water and protected in the case of moisture. Circuit interruptors should stop the electric current if they sense moisture or a power surge. You may want to consider placing your electric outlets along the baseboard of cupboards, as that's not only safer, it's much more attractive that placing them just above the countertop.

If you're in the market for new appliances, make sure they have special safety devices. You may want your oven and stovetop to be childproof, for example. Also, cooking ranges in which the controls are located at the front or side are safer than those with controls the back. That way, you don't have to reach back across the pots to access them.

Your remodeling contractors should also give you ideas regarding slip resistant floors. Obviously, slippery floors in your Springfield kitchen can be very risky. Imagine walking with a hot casserole and a knife, and then stepping in a puddle of water on a slick floor. Not good! Naturally, most materials you consider for your flooring are slip-resistant, but you may want to double check with your contractor.

Another safety issue that is often overlooked in Springfield kitchens is the lighting. Believe it or not, adding proper lighting is one of the most important stages of the remodeling project. Task lighting, which lights up specific areas where you cook and clean, can prevent you from cutting yourself. You also want to avoid shadows, and make sure your whole cooking area is well-lit.

Attractive Countertops

Most likely, you're hoping to put a new countertop into your Springfield kitchen during a cheap kitchen remodeling project. Because countertops take up so much surface area, the type of countertop chosen will greatly impact the overall look of your cooking area. There are many different kinds of countertops on the market, some of which you've probably never even seen before.

Your Springfield kitchen remodeling contractor can help you sort out the different styles of countertops, if you feel overwhelmed by choices. Common countertop materials include granite, engineered stone, wood and tile. Granite is a very popular choice in Springfield kitchens, since it's attractive and long-lasting. Grant also has a natural and organic appearance which some people really like.

Engineered stone can look a lot like granite, though less natural. Engineered stone is mostly made of quartz, and unlike granite it's not porous. Whereas granite needs to be sealed, engineered stone can be installed in your Springfield, MI kitchen as is. Surprisingly, the granite and engineered stone are pretty comparable in price.

If you like the idea of wood, there many different possible options for your countertop. If you want, you can install a wood countertop that's appropriate for cutting, like a butcher block. Or, you could have a well sealed, luxury hardwood countertop. Springfield kitchen remodeling designers can help you consider your cooking area and the types of countertops that would best suit your kitchen.

If you like the look of tile, you have limitless options. For one thing, you can get granite tile if that interests you. But you can also get tile of any color and style for your Springfield, MI kitchen. For example, recycled glass tile comes in many different colors and styles. Or, you can get custom-made painted tile with designs you choose.

Regardless of your taste, Springfield kitchen remodeling contractors can offer you various options for high-end countertops. Even unexpected materials, like concrete, can look quite glamorous in your Missouri cooking area. If you're ready to get started, feel free to use the form above to talk to local contractors about your remodeling project.

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