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Small Kitchen Remodel

Small kitchen remodel projects usually cost a lot less than more extensive ones. Homeowners who have small kitchens have the advantage of being able to opt for higher end products for use in their projects because they make up the savings in the lower volume they need to order. For example, a kitchen with only a handful of cabinets can get those replaced with top of the line items for around the same cost as middle range merchandise in a larger room requiring more cabinetry pieces.

Pretty much every kitchen remodeler relishes the chance to work on a small kitchen remodel because these smaller jobs really give you the chance to leave your stamp on a home. With less square footage to worry about, custom work can be done in a fraction of the time. An unusual wall tile layout behind the sink in lieu of a standard backsplash, for example, is an extra touch homeowners can more often afford in a small kitchen remodel. These jobs can be fulfilling and fun to do because they require less physical labor and often much less monetary most in terms of materials and human capital.

Remodeling Kitchens on a Limited Budget

Not all small kitchen remodel jobs are actually done in smaller kitchens, of course. Some remodels are just partial jobs or work done in a focused area of the kitchen. Getting a quote on a small kitchen remodel like getting your cabinets refaced or resurfaced or getting an island installed with a bar top and high back stools is simple. Some companies actually specialize in these smallish jobs. Others gladly take them because they know that during the process of completing a remodel there is always the chance of add on work. Selling additional products without any extra marketing cost can really add up as far as gross margins are concerned. And homeowners ought to be just as aware of this as cabinetmakers and flooring companies are.

If your remodel company is installing new tile flooring for you and you're interested in a price on a new custom pantry, make sure you get a good price quote and don't just automatically give them the work unless you're certain they're trustworthy to give you their best price. Convenience has its merits and it is great to work with just one contractor, but not at the expense of monetary savings. Make sure you get a fair shake and demand the best possible price for last second add ons.

Custom Appliances in Smaller Kitchens

One of the great things about a small kitchen remodel, as we mentioned before, is the fact that you can often afford to spend a little more on higher end products because the total list of items needed to do the job is so much shorter. Stainless steel appliances are very popular these days. They have a distinctive look that other appliances just can't match. If you have a small kitchen and you're getting ready to remodel, you may be able to afford these big ticket items based on the lower price of your cabinets or your flooring or paint and trim work. You can get a stove, dishwasher and refrigerator all with that contemporary stainless look and build your design around them.

Although there are certainly disadvantages to having a small kitchen (like trying to fit the whole family in there all at once), the hidden advantages are there as well. The smaller dimensions give you the opportunity to create a comfortable and intimate space to enjoy the ritual of sharing meals with the ones you love.  Try looking through kitchen remodeling pictures and find ideas for a smaller dimension remodel.

Cheap Small Kitchen Remodels

Small remodel jobs do not always come with a small price tag. When you choose to remodel, you need to take the time to gather competing bids for labor and materials. A small kitchen remodel can get out of hand quickly if you're not diligent about keeping expenses in check. It's one thing to allow the indulgence of an upgrade or two to help improve the utility of the limited space or add value to the room. But it's another to go crazy and end up spending beyond your means. And this is certainly possible in kitchens, which can get very expensive very quickly.

Finding good deals on this type of work usually requires shopping around. Use our site to get into touch with top local remodelers in your home area. Find out what it will cost to get the small kitchen remodel you're interested in. Learn how long the project will take from conception to completion. Learn what you can do to help save money, including labor you might handle on your own. Remodel kitchens for less by hooking up with quality low cost small kitchen remodel contractors and finding good deals on materials.