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Remodeling a Small Kitchen

Remodeling a small kitchen may seem on the surface to be a much simpler undertaking than a larger job; but though it may not typically produce the same sorts of complications, there is still a lot going on with these jobs and many things that have to go right in order to ensure a successful result. In fact, the small nature of these jobs is actually a complication in itself. Anyone who has ever lived in a tiny house can attest to the nature of the daily battle.

Trying to find a place to put everything is next to impossible. Storage in a small kitchen is always a struggle, and attempts to fit in all the different appliances can be laughable. Fortunately there are ways to work around the diminutive size of our kitchens. This problem is as old as kitchens themselves. Just about any kitchen remodeler has experience working on remodeling a small kitchen. To obtain the desired result, play to the kitchen's strengths and work to minimize weaknesses when you're remodeling kitchens of a smaller size.

Space Efficient Small Kitchen Idea

Remodeling smaller square footage areas may seem like an easier task, but it really is just a different kind of challenge. In larger kitchens the goal might be to find cabinets and flooring to fit the budget. In a smaller one that goal might shift to finding cabinets with the most storage capacity and brightly colored floors that make the room look larger. There are definitely advantages to remodeling a small kitchen versus the task of working on large kitchen remodeling designs. One of the huge advantages is the square foot price of things. Families are more likely to have to settle for bargain basement tile or wood floors in a huge kitchen. But in a smaller one we can focus more on value and are likelier to be able to opt for high end products since the square footage we have to cover is so much smaller.

Space efficiency is the key. Buyers remodeling a small kitchen typically can and do invest in merchandise at least a step above standard grade because it is at these price points that we get the extra features that make it easier to deal with life in a confined area.

Quality Flooring for Smaller Kitchens

The flooring expense is one of the more obvious advantages related to remodeling a small kitchen. Since your square footage is so small, you can choose nicer products and still spend less money than buyers in larger homes. This means as homeowners we can focus more on the quality and durability of the items we choose and less on their price. Remodeling jobs are always going to be geared towards price, but the choices we make in remodeling a small kitchen do not have to be exclusively centered on that concern.

This is a good thing, because it is difficult to do all of the things you need to do in smaller kitchens, especially with a houseful of people. Galley and U shaped kitchens as well as other configurations all have to do everything possible to make the most of the space that's there and get all the usability they can out of it. So this concern, space efficiency, is the one that homeowners would love to be able to focus on once the cost issues are out of the way.

Placing an oversized sink among the countertops is one such challenge of remodeling small kitchens. We need the larger size the hand wash dishes because quite frequently there is no room for a dishwasher in these compact spaces. Some of the decisions involved with remodeling a small kitchen have to do with practicality and maximum usage as is the case with fighting to squeeze in an oversized two sided sink.

Creating Maximum Kitchen Storage

Every square inch counts when we're remodeling these areas. One of the huge challenges of remodeling a small kitchen is balancing between the need to save space for a stove, for example, and storage for dishes and pots and pans to use with that stove. Small kitchen remodeling takes a lot of imagination. There are compact sized appliances that can be chosen. Cabinets can be hung galley style from the ceiling with room for hanging or lazy Susan storage underneath. A multitude of options can also work together to make these kitchens as space efficient and conducive to storage as possible.

These projects might seem easy, but they can cause big headaches to remodelers as well as homeowners. When remodeling a small kitchen, we have to be as creative as possible and we also must be willing to sacrifice what might ordinarily be a standard design element (such as a dishwasher) for the sake of saving space.