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Pasadena Kitchen Remodeling

Pasadena kitchen remodeling contractors can help you update an old, outdated cooking area. In the old days, kitchens were meant to be for servants, and were typically small, and out of the way. So, if you have a lovely old Pasadena home with a tiny cramped kitchen, it may be time to take on a remodeling project.

One of the key aspects to any Pasadena kitchen remodeling project is the lighting. Texas kitchen lighting is something that often gets overlooked during remodeling projects, which is unfortunate because it's one of the most important components of a Pasadena, TX kitchen. Lighting can make your cooking area seem much bigger, brighter, and more beautiful. Also, task light will make cooking in your kitchen easier, and safer.

Remodeling Old Pasadena Kitchens

As you probably know, in previous eras, Pasadena kitchens were designed by men. They didn't spend much time cooking, so the cooking area wasn't a priority. Even when servants were no longer around, and the wife was expected to cook, cuisines were pretty cramped.

So, historic kitchens in Texas don't really work for modern families. Nowadays, American families like to spend a lot of time in the cooking area together. Both parents may enjoy cooking, and children do their homework in the cuisine. Thanks to breakfast bars, people even have parties in the cuisine.

In the early 1900s, Pasadena kitchens were equipped with a small icebox, a table, and people cooked on woodfire stove. Sometimes, there was a freestanding butler's pantry, or china cupboard. The space was meant to be a work area, and it was very small. Obviously, appliances have gotten a lot bigger, as has the purpose of the cooking area.

Also, sinks stood on porcelain legs, and were not placed beneath a window as they are in modern kitchens. A sink looks pretty funny in the center of room, and you know you're in old cooking area when you see one. It's much nicer to have a sink below the window, and you may need to consider that when you're remodeling.

Don't fret, though, if you don't want to lose the warm, homey feeling of your old cooking area. When you're remodeling, you can maintain the atmosphere of an older cuisine, if you want, and just make it more functional for your modern needs. Most likely, you will want to have Pasadena kitchen remodeling contractors give you a kitchen remodeling estimate before they knock down a wall if you have an old cooking area. Older kitchens have a few problems, but the biggest one is that they're just too small.

Also, if you have gold or avocado walls, you probably want to have Pasadena kitchen remodeling painters change the colors. Avocado was never particularly good choice for Texas cooking areas. Yellow can be nice, but gold is probably a no-no. Of course, retro kitchens are always in style, and you may want to consider that if you're remodeling an old cooking area.

Light Up Your Kitchen

Pasadena kitchen remodeling contractors can help you with ambience lighting and task lighting in your cooking area. You need lighting for both the overall atmosphere of your Pasadena, TX kitchen, and for specific work areas. Pasadena kitchen remodeling contractors have a lot of experience creating balance light in a kitchen, so you want to consult with them on your different options.

Your lighting options include track lighting, flush-mount ceiling fixtures, hanging pendant fixtures and recessed lighting. Recessed lighting, also called "can lights" is a popular choice for Pasadena kitchen remodeling projects. These small, round lights work well to illuminate specific areas of your cooking space. However, you need to be aware that recessed lighting sometimes cause shadows.

Also, another problem with recessed lights is that they waste energy, because they allow heat to escape in the attic and they use large bulbs. The biggest problem with can lights, though, is that they're permanent, and very difficult to move. Track lighting is a more mobile option, and it saves a lot of energy. It does have the same problem with shadows, but it's easier to move the bulbs around to light up the whole space.

Pasadena kitchen remodeling experts will probably advise you to choose several different kinds of light for your Texas cooking area. It will take multiple kinds of lighting in order to fully light up of the area, including both specific spaces and overall light. Achieving this effect requires some thought and expertise, and having a professional's advice can be very helpful.

When you're considering lighting options, check out different kitchens and observe the various lighting techniques. Upscale kitchens will often have lights above the cabinets, for example, which will create a frame of brightness around the whole space. If you're ready to talk to Pasadena kitchen remodeling contractors about your project, please use the form above.

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