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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing is an increasingly popular low priced alternative to new cabinet installation that many homeowners turn to in order to create new kitchen designs for a much smaller cost. Replacement cabinets are nice and they look great as part of a kitchen remodel job, but sometimes their financial cost is just too much to take on. Besides, in many cases the old cabinetry is functionally right where it needs to be, and just needs a style update. When this is the case, a terrific option is refacing. Along with switching out the countertops and maybe thinking about getting some new appliances like a refrigerator or stove microwave set, kitchen cabinet refacing produces a great new style for the entire room for an affordable total price.

Affordable New Kitchen Idea

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a great way to create a dramatic bold new style for the room without having to spend many thousands of dollars to get the job done. Homeowners who are working with limited means to complete their renovation projects often find this a most appealing option. That is because unlike painting the wood cabinetry, this project actually recovers them completely and offers the impression of a totally new set of cupboards. A cabinet job like this is perfect in cases where the existing boxes are in great shape but just lack the style and visual impact you are looking for as a homeowner.

As time goes by, more contractors emerge with a specialization in kitchen cabinet refacing. What this means to you as a potential buyer is that there are probably multiple companies in your geographical region offering these services. Naturally, this is good news for all of us who are interested in learning more about refacing and trying to decide if it is the right choice for us. Anyone can get some prices on kitchen cabinet refacing and get a good look at the companies in the local area that are offering this service to their customers. Some cabinet companies have installation technicians well trained in this niche market; others are contractors totally dedicated to offering the refacing option to their customers. It is not necessarily true that either of these groups of businesses is superior to the other or an inherently better choice; we just have to evaluate things on a case by case basis to help us decide.

Refacing Process

The process of kitchen cabinet refacing is much easier to explain than it is to complete. There are many pitfalls to try to avoid and reasons why it is good to rely on a professional for quality assurance purposes. Kitchen cabinet refurbishing jobs like these when done well produce some unbelievable results. The best contractors come out with cabinets that by all appearances are brand new and freshly installed on the walls. Basically, a new veneer skin is applied to all outside surfaces to cover up the old materials. Doors and drawer faces are removed and replaced with new ones to match the veneer finish on the material applied to the boxes.

The preparation of the surfaces to be covered and the application have to be done in a very specific way to achieve the best possible results. Especially since our kitchens are usually hot and humid while cooking and dishwashing activities are going on, it is critical for this install to be done right so that it provides the long lasting performance any customer would expect. Professional kitchen cabinet refacing experts are able to get in and get these jobs done complete with end panels and sides for any exposed locations and finish it all in short order.

Choose a Local Contractor

Find the best kitchen cabinet professional to take on this job and you will be assured of its final result. Refacing the cabinetry is an awesome solution to a problem that has to do with style and finances all at once. As buyers we can get started on remodeling projects by getting this work done and come out with spectacular results for an affordable fee. Get a kitchen cabinet refacing specialist in to your home and get this job underway and finished so that you can enjoy the final result.

Use our free quote form to request quotes and get information from local cabinet refacing experts in your area of the country. This is the easiest way to learn more about what it will take to complete this dramatic update for your kitchen. Look at all of the prices you get back and evaluate them in the context of savings and of making sure the company you choose will do a top notch job. Save big on kitchen cabinet refacing and watch these professionals create a brand new completely up to date style for the entire room.