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Jackson Kitchen Remodeling

Jackson kitchen remodeling designers can help you create a retro look in your new cuisine. Kitchens from the 1920s to 1960s had a very different style, which you can incorporate in your new cooking area for some fashionable flair. Colors, cabinets, linens and floors were all pretty different back then! You obviously want to update your kitchen during a remodeling project, but sometimes a hint of yesteryear can add a fun twist.

You may want to consider using hardwood during your remodeling project. Jackson kitchen remodeling contractors can install hardwood countertops and hardwood floors, if you want. Sound like too much wood? You can always do one or the other! Hardwood in Mississippi kitchens can be very attractive, and it also creates a warm and homey ambiance.

Retro Style Remodeling

You probably don't want your kitchen to be the same (small) size as cooking areas in the old days, but you might want to bring in some of the retro look in when you're remodeling. Mississippi kitchens used a lot of bold colors back then, such as yellow, pink, blue, and green. Some people these days don't like blue and green in their cooking area, as they're considered unappetizing colors. However, bright yellow is generally considered an attractive color for a Jackson, MS cooking area.

Checkerboard floors and colorful patterns were also popular in older Jackson kitchens. Wallpaper isn't something people usually like to see in a kitchen anymore, since is preferred for bathrooms in smaller spaces. Still, you might be able to put a print you love on one wall if it's done tastefully.

Jackson kitchen remodeling designers will probably tell you that checkerboard floors never go out of style. Using cork floor to create a checkerboard pattern, for example, is an innovative and eco-friendly way to capture a retro look in a Jackson cooking area. Checkerboard floors can be black-and-white or colored, and can be attractive and fun.

Vintage linens and old-looking appliances are another way to create a retro look for your custom kitchen remodeling. Well, most likely, you don't want to have to cook with the same kind of thing that they used in the 1940s, but you can get an updated version with a retro appearance. Using vintage linens is an easy and colorful way to give your kitchen a homey, unique look.

Jackson kitchen remodeling designers can work with you to create a tasteful, retro style cuisine. Your MS cooking area can have modern appliances, while maintaing the quaint feel of an older kitchen. Just be careful that you choose those retro features carefully, so that your Jackson cooking area looks updated and not outdated when you're done remodeling!

Hardwood Floors and Countertops

Hardwood looks lovely in Jackson, Mississippi kitchens. However, remember that Jackson kitchen remodeling contractors must finish the wood with urethane to seal it. The kind of hardware that you usually use for flooring, needs to be specially protected in the kitchen, due to spills and heavy traffic.

Also, since Mississippi has a moist climate, it's important to make sure that your wood can withstand the moisture. Jackson kitchen remodeling contractors can help you choose top quality woods and protect them against humidity. Suitable wood flooring and countertop materials should be easy to maintain.

Note that there are different types and styles of wood floors. You can get solid, engineered or acrylic impregnated. You can get strip, plank or parquet. Your Jackson kitchen remodeling contractor can talk to about grade, cut, pattern and color. And, of course you will get to choose among different kinds of wood.

Beech, birch, cherry, oak, walnut, pine, and douglas fir are commonly used hardwood species for floors. There are also a number of exotic wood options. As for remodeling your countertops, you will need to decide between a decorative or functional hardwood surfaces. Some hardwood countertops are meant to be work surfaces, so you can chop on them. Others are meant to be beautiful, and are less suitable for intensive cooking purposes.

Jackson kitchen remodeling contractors will talk to you about different wood grain orientation. The wood grain orientation changes the way it looks, how it functions and how durable it is. There are three ways that wood can be positioned to form a countertop: face grain, edge grain and end grain. Face grain, also called plank grain, is considered the most decorative because it reveals a lot of the wood grain.

Edge grain exposes the edges of the boards, or "staves", and they are what forms the countertop. End grain happens when contractors put the ends of the boards upward, which is how butcher block countertops and cutting boards are usually made. Your Jackson kitchen remodeling contractor can show you the different grain orientations and help you decide what type would work best in your Jackson cuisine.

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