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European Kitchens

European kitchens are stylish and modern in their feel. Their design is a substantial and conscious departure from American style cabinetry. With bold colors and beautiful designs, these kitchens are unforgettable in their visual impact. Like all remodels they provide excellent storage and last for many years. With mostly particle board construction covered in different materials from thermofoil to laminate, European cabinetry offers a different take on the traditional kitchen.

European kitchens are a relatively new twist on this side of the pond. For all of us they are a bold new idea that can inject some life into the design of our dream kitchens. With brilliant colors and glossy materials, these designs can't help but catch your attention. Waking up in the morning is no problem when you walk into a kitchen like this. With modern contemporary leanings and appliances and flooring to coordinate with powerfully wrought cabinets and countertops, these creations are not for the faint of heart. But in the right home, they are an expression of individuality and forward thinking.

A Bold New Kitchen Idea

European design ideas have long held an attraction for folks in North America. Over many different design trends have made their way over here from Europe and made a splash stateside. It is presumed by many that Europeans are more cultured or more refined, or simply freer in their way of thinking. To more than a few people who have adopted Europe's design trends over the years the décor was only symptomatic of a great effort to make the entire home more like a little piece of Europe.

And the same can certainly be said of European kitchens. Check out some of the design cues in these cabinets and countertops and you'll inevitably be taken away on a journey across the sea. These kitchens utilize many of the same materials as more standard or traditional American designs. They just dress them up differently. Many of the cabinet boxes are made of wood, often particle board or some other such material. But they are then covered in materials as disparate as glass and eurogloss. One quick look at these materials and it becomes obvious right off the bat that they represent a different way of doing kitchens altogether.

Bright Colored Kitchen Designs

European kitchens typically feature bold color patterns as one of their distinguishing features. These bright designs set the European style apart from kitchens of any other variety. The use of fluorescents is particularly noteworthy. Often these bright shades are utilized in union with glossy blacks to form a singular design style that is tough to duplicate anywhere.

Homeowners who find the typical kitchen remodeling fair boring or otherwise unappealing are well advised to peruse kitchen pictures of European kitchens and see if any of the design particulars catches their fancy. With excellent details like stainless steel or polished aluminum toe kicks and special crafted door handles and drawer pulls, European kitchens are a comprehensive design style. From floor to ceiling a homeowner in consultation with a remodeling design expert could put together a whole room remodel reflective of the latest in European style features.

Contemporary Countertops and Appliances

And of course although the cabinetry certainly seems to get the most attention in this particular style, the rest of the elements in the room also can be done up in a European style manner to evoke the kitchens across the pond. The countertops are chosen to complement or set off the cabinetry. Often the finish on the counters is glossier than what many of us are used to. The appliances are specifically ordered to match one another and to blend in with the overall scheme throughout the room. From the stove to the decorative wine cooler, everything in the room is meant to suggest a European flair while also asserting a sense of American independence from other objects as well. Turning around design trends and making them our own is something we've long been known for, and this is nothing that is sure to remain the same as time passes.

European kitchens are absolutely refreshing and bold in their design. They are unafraid to be assertive and even a little bit loud. If this also describes you and your style, you might be looking at an ideal fit for your next remodeling project. These kitchens are not for the timid or the faint of heart. If you go with European kitchens in your home, be sure to warn your neighbors before having them over for dinner.

With modern design touches, bright colors and vivid styles, these designs are unparalleled in their individuality and maybe even their eagerness to show off a bit. Get quotes on European kitchens from local remodelers using the form at the top of this page.