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Eugene Kitchen Remodeling

Eugene kitchen remodeling contractors can help you create the cooking area your dreams. You can get that perfect new dishwasher, the sparkling countertops, and just the right floor. All you need to do is figure out exactly what you want, and hire a great Eugene kitchen remodeling contractor to help you create it.

Of course, certain Oregon kitchen remodeling decisions will be easier said than done. For example, if you have always wanted hardwood floors or countertops, you may be surprised to find out what it takes to make hardwood durable enough for the cooking area. Due to all the moisture in the Eugene kitchen, as well as spills, hardwood needs to be specially sealed during your remodeling project in order to function well in the kitchen.

Also, even a decision like what kind of dishwasher to purchase, can become more complicated during your Eugene kitchen remodeling project. Dishwashers aren't like they used to be. New dishwashers are much bigger, more effective, and have many different options. So, deciding what kind of dishwasher you should install maybe might be more difficult than you anticipated. Don't worry, though, with a great Eugene kitchen remodeling contractor on your side, you will always feel that you have expert help making these important decisions.

Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood flooring looks lovely in Eugene, OR kitchens. However, Eugene kitchen remodeling contractors must carefully finish the wood before you can install it on your floor (or, in some cases, after). The wood needs to be finished with urethane, so that it's specifically protected from the traffic and spills of the kitchen. If you install a hardwood floor in your Eugene, Oregon kitchen when you're remodeling, and you don't seal it, it won't last very long.

Also, Eugene, OR is a moist climate, and you need to make sure that the wood can withstand the moisture. Your Eugene kitchen remodeling contractor can help you choose the appropriate woods for large or small kitchen designs, and protect them. There are different types of wood floors, including solid, engineered, or acrylic impregnated. Furthermore, you can get strip, plank or parquet floors.

Your Eugene kitchen remodeling contractor will also talk to about different grade, cut, pattern and color. Also, you get to choose what type of wood you'd like to install on your floor. Common remodeling choices include beech, birch, cherry, douglas fir oak, pine and walnut. Given that you live in the northwest, you probably want to consider local wood options, but there are number of exotic, imported wood possibilities you could consider as well if you'd like.

If you'd like to have hardwood countertops, you will want to talk to a Eugene kitchen remodeling contractor about grain. The wood grain orientation will change the way the wood looks, as well as how durable it is. A countertop can have face grain, edge grain, or end grain. The face grain is considered the most decorative, whereas the edge grain is the most durable. Edge grain, which exposes the "staves" or the edge of the board, is used for cutting boards and butcher blocks.

Again, while hardwood looks beautiful in Eugene, Oregon kitchens, you'll want to consult with your remodeling contractor regarding the necessary protection. You might also consider engineered wood, which is protected before it's installed. It's real wood, as opposed to laminate, but it will last longer than unprotected hardwood. Again, your Eugene contractor can help you sort out the details.

A New Dishwasher

Dishwashers have either soft food or hard food disposals. If you want to take your plates directly from the table to the dishwasher, you should consider dishwashers with hard food disposals. While you will have to rinse your plates if your dishwasher has a soft food disposals, dishwashers with soft disposals are less expensive.

You may also want to consider energy efficient or water saving dishwashers. If you're hoping to go green in your Oregon cuisine, choosing an eco-friendly dishwasher is a great start. You will save energy, water, and money (thanks to those electricity bills going down). Again, your local contractor can help you find the greenest dishwashers.

Modern dishwashers also offer many features that might interest you. For example, it's possible to purchase a dishwasher that will scrub your pots and pans for you. You can also get a dishwasher with special delicate china settings, or a dishwasher that prevents silverware from spotting.

If you're ready to start discussing your kitchen remodeling project with local contractors, feel free to use the form at the top of this page. Be sure you choose a Eugene kitchen remodeling contractor that you really enjoy working with, because having a contractor you like will make the project easier for you. You have a lot of fun, yet complicated decisions to make, and a good contractor can help you sort them out.

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