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Chattanooga Kitchen Remodeling

Chattanooga kitchen remodeling contractors can help you evaluate the pros and cons of various countertop materials. Obviously, you'll want choose a style of countertop based on your personal preference, but you'll also want to take price and durability into consideration. There are many different kinds of countertops, and you'll probably want to do some research before beginning your remodeling project.

Along with the countertop, you'll want to consider the different sink material options. You'll want to install a sink that will last a long time, obviously, and one that's affordable. Stainless steel is a popular sink choice, but it's not your only affordable option. A lot of different sink materials are on the market, and Chattanooga kitchen remodeling contractors will happily help you sort through the choices if you want help.

Chattanooga Countertop Options

You may consider remodeling with concrete, granite, engineered stone, wood, stainless steel, laminate, solid surfacing, ceramic tile or a number of other materials. You have a lot of different options for your Chattanooga kitchen remodeling project. The first thing you'll probably want to do is determine your budget, because you may be able to cut out the materials that are too expensive, and simplify your decision process.

Expensive Tennessee kitchen countertop options include granite, marble and engineered stone. Engineered stone may look a lot like granite, though it's less wild and natural looking. Engineered stone is a made up of mostly quartz, along with epoxy and polymers. It comes in may different colors, and it's very heat resistant.

Granite and marble, as well as other natural stones like slate, need to be sealed to be protected from stains and scratches. Unprotected natural stone is not as durable as engineered stone. Even sealed, marble is less stain-resistant than engineered stone, and it's also porous. Granite is less porous than marble, but it still needs to be protected in the cooking area.

Wood is another countertop option that you may consider during your Chattanooga kitchen remodeling project. Hardwood can be affordable or pretty expensive, depending on the style you choose. Cherry, red beech, walnut, teak, mahogany, maple and oak can be used in your Chattanooga, TN cuisine.

Concrete is a surprisingly expensive countertop option, but it costs less than engineered stone or granite. Concrete is a fun remodeling choice in Chattanooga kitchens, though, because it can be painted in any color and have various textures. However, Chattanooga kitchen remodeling contractors will need to seal the concrete for you, because it's porous and absorbs stains easily.

If your kitchen has a contemporary look, you might want to consider stainless steel countertops. Stainless steel countertops are often used in professional kitchens, since they can safely be bleached and used as a work surface. Unfortunately, stainless steel can scratch and stain.

More affordable countertop options include a ceramic tile and laminate. Laminate can come in many different colors, but it is not necessarily long-lasting. Ceramic tile can be long-lasting, but, unfortunately the grout is difficult to clean. Don't worry, Chattanooga kitchen remodeling contractors can help you choose a countertop that suits your budget and your Tennessee kitchen.

Kitchen Sink Materials

Stainless steel is a popular remodeling option for sinks, as it affordable and long-lasting. However, stainless steel can get dents and scratch, and may be prone to water spotting. Still, Chattanooga kitchen remodeling contractors can help you choose a stainless steel finish that's resistant when remodeling small kitchens or bigger ones.

Cast iron sinks were a popular remodeling choice for many years in Chattanooga, TN kitchens. Cast-iron sinks have an enamel finish, with an iron base. However, they can get scratched, and you'll see the black surface underneath. Then again, in classic, old Chattanooga, Tennessee homes, cast-iron looks authentic and fits well.

Composite kitchen sinks are becoming more popular in Chattanooga, Tennessee homes. There are many different types of composite sinks that can be installed during your remodeling project. Quartz composite or polyester sinks, for example, can be put in during your Chattanooga kitchen remodeling project.

Polyester or acrylic sinks are made from soft materials, and don't last very long. However, they are bright and shiny and affordable. Quartz composite sinks are also relatively inexpensive, though and more durable. Quartz composite sinks will last longer, and they never lose their color.

Granite sinks are very scratch resistant, though they are more expensive. Furthermore, they aren't glossy, and if you like the shiny look, you won't like the matte finish on a granite kitchen sink. Another option is a solid surface sink, which can be integral with the countertop.

Chattanooga kitchen remodeling contractors can help you sort out the different materials available for your sink and countertop. Again, factors to consider include price, style, durability and longevity. If you're ready to start discussing your kitchen project, feel free to use the form above to connect with local contractors.

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