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Ann Arbor Kitchen Remodeling

Ann Arbor kitchen remodeling specialists are numerous and can meet the most involved and complicated remodeling all the way to a simplistic, bare bones, Michigan budget remodeling project. Whether you are being forced to attack a remodeling on your kitchen because a pipe burst inside the wall, ruining your cabinets, or if you have been planning on incorporating a gourmet's delight for years, know there are simple tips to planing a successful kitchen remodeling project.

Start by evaluating what it is you might like to incorporate into your Ann Arbor kitchen remodeling. If you are renting out to students, it may be necessary to go with a bare bones remodeling. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you may be a landlord who is trying to prepare your home for sale to a different customer base -- professors and other professionals. This will require an entirely different set of materials, and perhaps even more attention to your kitchen remodeling and design.

Enlisting Professional Help

The best way to start is to determine whether the kitchen in your Ann Arbor home will be staying about the same size, or if some expansion or re-arranging is in order. If you did not have to stop and think, and gave a resounding "Yes!" then you may want to hire a Michigan licensed architect, and probably also a MI professional kitchen designer. They can help you to determine the specifications of the layout to ensure an addition that is in accordance with local Ann Arbor building codes, and also architecturally sound.

Beyond determining the actual area, there are some common layout themes and variations that may or may not serve you well in your Ann Arbor home. There is the U-shape, L-shape, or the galley, which are the traditional layouts that are most often relied upon. The reason that these are most often considered in an Ann Arbor kitchen remodeling project is because they allow the most efficient use of space and your time. This type of logic extends to other areas of the kitchen cabinet redesign process.

Functional Kitchen Spaces

The key to the most functional and successful Ann Arbor kitchen remodeling project is the use of triangles of function. The triangles refer to the key three items that you may use very frequently in combination with one another. For instance, you may find that your present butcher block island is the perfect place to prepare your meals. The combination of the dried goods and the refrigerator right behind you would create a functional triangle for your Ann Arbor home.

Another functional setup that is tried and true in accordance with Ann Arbor kitchen remodeling, is the lineup of the stove, counter top, and the refrigerator. Another rule of thumb that is purely based on function is the distance among these three is up to twenty four feet. You may also find that the other appliances that are used with great frequency are a good fit flanking the sink as well in your Ann Arbor kitchen remodeling.

Another good tip is to ensure that your various appliances, pantry, and cabinets will all have plenty of clearance during their years of anticipated use in Ann Arbor. If the refrigerator door is pretty lively and loose, it may swing open and constantly slam into the pantry door. After your Ann Arbor kitchen remodeling, you will probably want to avoid damaging the great products that you have spent so much care, time, and money buying, choosing, and installing.

Along the same lines, make sure that you have plenty of counter top space around your sink and also your stove in your MI home. These will be key preparation areas. And, it can also ensure the safest and most methodical preparation of food for your Ann Arbor home. There is nothing more dangerous than having to try and negotiate or juggle a boiling hot pot of pasta water with the other meal preparation elements.

Looking to the Future

While you are seeking out the Ann Arbor kitchen remodeling materials that you most want, take the time to see how the new materials may look in your new MI space. What looks fantastic on the tile fabricator's Internet site might just be quite "off" in person. Make it a point to buy or request free samples of the materials for your Michigan renovation. This will save you both time and money in the long run. Make the right choices now to save yourself from having to re-do anything so shortly after a great renovation project.

An Ann Arbor kitchen remodeling project can create a more functional, and a more beautiful and up-to-date look for your home. It can make preparation a breeze, and storage far easier. Make the space of your dreams at the right price by locating the best professionals you can find.

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