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Vintage Kitchen Remodel

A vintage kitchen remodel allows what was once old to be valued again. In the case of an older home, the once dreaded characteristic pieces and details marred homeowners, because it marked a period of the bygone, yesteryear. Instead, the vintage kitchen remodel celebrates the period in which the house was built. Emphasizing what made the home and its kitchen features distinctive in the first place, are coming around as vintage and valued.

As you are working to bring in spot on bead board and chair rails for a 1930s kitchen, it may seem to entirely undermine your efforts for a full vintage kitchen remodel if you were to go ahead and install obsidian glass or stainless steel, modern appliances. Instead, consider that there are ways to install the latest and greatest technology in your vintage kitchen without sacrificing your whole vintage remodel scheme.

Back in Time

Instead, consider that you could have pieces that elicit the nightmares of going backward in time that may have even escaped your imagination. Or, instead involve look alike models of stove, refrigerator and dishwashers in your vintage kitchen remodel. In many cases, doors can be custom made to look like the cabinets, which will keep you working in today's world, but looking like an aspect of yesterday.

Even Footing

When performing a vintage kitchen remodel, it matters just as much about what you will put down for your feet, as much as for the rest of the room, and you may want to consider a kitchen remodeling service. The vintage kitchen is a feast for the eyes, a sweet taste and appealing aromas for the nose. How do you make the same magic for the walkways? Consider that instead vintage is basically a throwback to one era. Though, there are times when it is okay to incorporate today's standard. With flooring, it is possibly one of the easiest pieces to work into a vintage kitchen remodel within today's standards, without compromising the whole kitchen remodel style.

Another important, and fairly affordable aspect of the vintage kitchen remodel is the lighting. Fixtures can be chosen in accordance with the period remodel. Yet, they can also work to tie together the whole feel of the kitchen remodel beautifully, even if they are only made to look like the remodel era.

Tying It All Together

Contributing to the look and feel of the whole remodel process, is the way that it all ties together. It is like designing any other room. There needs to be cohesion, complementary motifs, pieces, patterns and colors. If you are doing a bright 1960s rendition renovation today, consider that the tone of the color throughout will need to be the same tone throughout the room. In addition to this, it can help to have complementary elements throughout.

For one, a modern toaster to look like it is from the 1960s could work well. Or, if you have display shelving up near your ceiling, consider making it your own tribute to the era and its gadgets and products. Even if you have pop artwork from the era, or prints of old advertisements, it does remove the element of the serious, and makes it more playful. And, it does also take away the guess work, so people who come to visit realize that you did not just keep that old room from the 1960s. They will better understand that it is a throwback.

Covering Walls, Windows

Another aspect that can help to tie a room together is the curtains and wall coverings. If you are like many, you now have a major aversion to having anything adhered to your walls. Instead, it may work if you instead use shelving and keep the focus on items that are on the walls. If you prefer to stay well within the era, sometimes you may have to make a sacrifice and paper the wall. Though, it is not necessary.

As far as the window coverings go, there is a lot of room to have a great deal of fun with this aspect of the room. In some cases the frillier the better. Play around with different colors. Take a look at pictures in catalogs and around the Internet to find out what screams that era in terms of window coverings. It is the best way to find inspiration as well. And, it will be a very rewarding experience when you get to share the tale of finding the window coverings with your friends.

A vintage kitchen remodel is as rewarding as it can be exciting. When you begin looking for vintage items, you may be pleasantly surprised at the treasures and treats that you may find. Among them may be antiques exclusive to the era or just a fun throwback to childhood memories. Enjoy the fruits of your labor following your vintage kitchen remodel.