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Vancouver Kitchen Remodeling

Vancouver kitchen remodeling contractors can help you design a floor plan that works for you. If you have a very busy cooking area, in which lots of cooks are coming and going, you may want to re-think the traditional floor plan. Most floor plans have one "work triangle" which includes the sink, kitchen, and stove. In a busy cooking space, you may want to consider two work triangles.

Before you begin your Vancouver kitchen remodeling project, it helps to take not of the most common remodeling mistakes, so that you can avoid them. For example, be sure you hire a good contractor, or you'll suffer through your remodeling project. And, don't pay more than 30% of the cost upfront. Make sure they get started and starting doing a good job before you hand over all that money!

Layouts For Busy Kitchens

The kitchen triangle refers to the standard kitchen work spaces: stove, sink and fridge. However, in today's bustling kitchens, one work triangle may not be sufficient. It may be better to consider two triangles during your California kitchen remodel, or at least different zones for different activities. That way, you won't have a lot of criss-crossing, and people tripping over each other (or over dogs, children or open cupboards).

Galley kitchens are the least accommodating floor plan for large families, since they feel cramped. Galley kitchens, which are basically hallways (perhaps slightly expanded), are best for single cooks. Also, galley kitchens in most Vancouver, Washington homes are usually too small to incorporate an island, which can be a key component in busy kitchens.

If you're undertaking a Vancouver kitchen remodeling project to make your Washington cooking area more accommodating for your family, having an island is a great idea. Islands provide more storage space, surface area for cooking, and can also include a breakfast bar for socializing. Also, they can help create semi-separate spaces, and allow your kids to do their homework at one end while your chopping vegetables at the other.

Large U-shaped and L-shaped Vancouver kitchens can usually accommodate an island. L-shaped kitchens have cupboards along two walls, whereas U-shaped kitchens have cupboards along three walls. If you put the island in the middle of a U-shaped kitchen, you can easily create two work stations. If you place it in an L-shaped kitchen, which is probably open, you can create a nice separation between the cooking area and the rest of your Vancouver home.

Your Vancouver kitchen remodeling contractors can help you sketch out different zones in your cooking space. For example, the kids space should be kitty-corner to the fridge, and they shouldn't need to go in front of the stove to access it. You can sketch out potential zones and think about the flow of traffic in your Vancouver, WA cooking space.

Common Remodeling Mistakes

Here are two mistakes you don't want to make when you're taking on a Vancouver kitchen remodeling project (1) trying to do-it-yourself and (2) hiring the wrong contractor. Vancouver kitchen remodeling isn't a good do-it-yourself project. There are certain aspects, like, painting, that you may take on yourself, but, by all means: don't touch the plumbing during your galley kitchen remodeling!

As for hiring a Vancouver, WA contractor, it's important to take your time making the decision, and choose someone you really like. Even if he or she gives you the lowest estimate, or comes highly recommended, don't dive into anything. Take some time to consider whether the remodeling contractor seems trustworthy.

Before you begin remodeling, you need to have a clear budget set out, and your Vancouver kitchen remodeling contractors need to provide specs on every aspect of it. If you start Vancouver kitchen remodeling project before you've got the numbers down, you're most likely to bust your budget. Also, you need to make sure that you get all the details clarified: from the exact type of granite you want to the hardware on your cupboards.

Once you've got your plan, it's a good idea to stick to it as much as possible, and avoid getting distracted by gimmicks or making costly changes. Changing your mind again and again will up your costs. You also want to avoid the temptation to keep up with the Joneses, because it's not worth it. And, don't settle for a standard cookie-cutter cooking area if that's not your style. Customize the space to meet your needs.

If you're careful and aware you can avoid common mistakes, like choosing cheap hardware or installing tile without a strong and solid base. A good Vancouver kitchen remodeling contractor will be aware of potential pitfalls, and can help you steer clear of common traps and mishaps. If you're ready to start interviewing local Vancouver, Washington contractors about your kitchen remodeling project, feel free to use the form located at the top of this page.

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