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Santa Clarita Kitchen Remodeling

Santa Clarita kitchen remodeling specialists will work with you to create a cooking space that suits you and your home, from kitchen flooring to lighting. It's amazing what a difference good lighting will make in your Santa Clarita kitchen. Well-done lights can change a whole space, and make it look much bigger, more open and cheerier.

California kitchen designers can help you avoid some dangerous decorating no-no's, too. You may have a natural eye for design, but it helps to know some of the major design pitfalls so you can avoid the classic mistakes. Often, you'll read a lot about what to do in your cooking area, but not much about what not to do. It helps to understand both sides of the equation before you begin a Santa Clarita kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

Most of the lighting in your Santa Clarita cooking area will come from the ceiling, since floor lamps and table lamps don't belong in the kitchen. On the other hand, you don't just want to light up the overall area without highlighting specific zones, since you will certainly want "task lighting" too. Small, particular areas where you will prepare food need to be lit up.

In other words, you need to proved general lighting and also highlight particular areas during your California kitchen remodeling. If you don't currently have task lighting in your Santa Clarita cooking area, you'll be delighted when you find out what a difference it makes. The stove, cutting board, and so forth, will be much easier to use if they're illuminated. However, getting ambiance lighting for the whole room and task specific lighting at the same time is quite a challenge.

Santa Clarita kitchen remodeling specialists have a lot of experience with lighting, and can help you achieve the appropriate balance in your California cuisine. There are a number of lighting options to choose from that will help you create the perfect amount of illumination in the cooking area. Your remodeling options include recessed lighting, track lighting, flush-mount ceiling fixtures, and hanging light pendant fixtures.

Recessed lighting, sometimes called "can lights", is a popular remodeling choice in Santa Clarita, CA kitchens. These small round lights can be used to illuminated specific areas of the countertop, and they can take halogen or incandescent bulbs. However, Santa Clarita kitchen remodeling specialists will most likely warn you that these lights cause shadows.

Furthermore, recessed lights waste energy, due to the large bulbs, and they allow heat to escape into the attic. There's one other major problem that arises when you're remodeling with recessed lighting: it's permanent. Once installed it's very, very difficult to move. Unfortunately, you may not know exactly where you want the light in your cooking area until your Santa Clarita kitchen remodeling project is complete, and you've been using the space for awhile.

Another option when remodeling a small kitchen is track lighting, which is easier to move and saves energy. While track lighting does have the same problem with shadows, it's easier to arrange the lights while you're remodeling to avoid the dark splashes. An additional choice, which won't work well for task lighting, are flush-mount ceiling fixtures. You may have some in your home now: they are simply bulbs with a cover.

Santa Clarita kitchen remodeling specialists may advise you to choose several types of lighting for your new California cuisine. For example, you can install a hanging pendant light fixture, and some recessed lighting, too. In any case, you'll want light that illuminates the whole space, as well as specific spaces, and that requires some thought and expertise.

Decorating No-No's

When you're remodeling your Santa Clarita, CA kitchen, it's easy to fall into some of the common decorating traps. For example, here's one mistake people often make during a Santa Clarita kitchen remodeling project: leaving all the decisions up to a designer. Just because your Santa Clarita kitchen remodeling designer has good taste, doesn't mean that it's your taste. Make your own decisions, since it's your space.

Here's another mistake people sometimes make while remodeling: don't underestimate the impact of color. That includes both the psychology of color, and the subtlety of different undertones. Also, if your favorite color is red, by all means, add red; but, your better off using a more subtle color as your base, and letting the red really pop.

Talking with a Santa Clarita kitchen remodeling designer can help you determine your decorating style, and avoid common color errors and so forth. A designer will remind you to pay attention to the details, and help you balance the materials in your cooking area. He or she can help you choose a focal point and work the space around it, too. Remember, though, you should choose the design and colors of your new Santa Clarita cuisine, since it's your space!

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