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Remodel the Kitchen

Remodel the kitchen and turn your food prep area into a chef's dream, open up your eating area to accommodate those casual family dinners, or finally get rid of your vinyl flooring and trade up to a high-end tile or natural wood look. When you remodel the kitchen in your home you can refresh a stale space and transform your family's favorite room into a showplace with kitchen stone remodeling.

If you're an amateur chef who gets enjoyment from spending hours preparing luscious mouth-watering meals to share with friends and family, you already know what your dream kitchen looks like. You've pictured it thousands of times. There are certain remodel changes you yearn to make to your present food prep area that would make life so much easier.

Exciting Improvements

Like that new six-burner range that pops into your head every time you crowd your stove top with simmer pots and saute pans. Or a refrigerator perfectly chilling your salad greens when you reach in your current dinosaur of a refrigerator only to find your romaine lettuce frozen solid. We've all dug around our pots and pans looking for the right lid, or right size sauce pan. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a pot rack hanging over the counter and pull out cabinets specifically designed to accommodate those wayward lids?

Your perfect paradise-at least in the food prep realm-awaits you when you remodel the kitchen. There are so many options to make your life easier, and food prep more fun. You can probably make your way from the pantry doors to the kitchen work area with your eyes closed. You need to design a floor plan to maximize your usable space.

Your Work Area

There is a popular idea that most of the food prep takes place in the kitchen triangle. That's the space from the sink, to the stove, to the refrigerator. Looking at that area, you'll need to judge how you could remodel your space. Does the area need to be enlarged? Streamlined for efficiency by moving the appliances closer together? When you remodel the kitchen you'll be able to make changes for form and function.

If you have the room, you might consider upgrading to higher-end appliances when you remodel the kitchen. If your budget can handle it you can make some really innovative remodel changes to your kitchen triangle too. There are items in the kitchen remodel industry that will not only make your life easier, but make you the envy of all your guests.

If you're a weekend chef, you probably do a lot of entertaining. Under-counter refrigerated and warming drawers are a big help if you find yourself preparing for a dinner party or social event. These handy drawers will keep your chilled foods ready to serve, or hold ingredients for ease of preparation. You'll find the warming drawer equally handy for breads and rolls or a casserole that might need to set awhile longer. If you enjoy a fine wine from time to time, you could look into a wine drawer. This will keep your wines at the optimum temperature for your enjoyment.

That six-burner stove you've been dreaming of may be a reality soon, but you'll need to plan an area, part of the kitchen triangle, that can hold such a large appliance. That may mean taking away a chunk of your counter space. Replace the lost production space with an island work station, if you have the space, or a portable butchers cart. If you have a over the stovetop microwave, you'll need to find another place for it as well as you'll need a ventilating hood.

Beyond the Workspace

Of course not all of us strive to be the next big thing on food TV, but we all want the same thing when it comes to the heart of our home. A gathering place that's both functional and welcoming. Remodel the kitchen in such a way that every cup of coffee is a celebration and an invitation to dine is something to covet.

Of course, you'll be looking at updating your sink and probably the counter tops. When you decided to remodel the kitchen you no doubt envisioned popular stone countertops, or maybe tile. Maybe a farmhouse sink, artfully placed lighting and tile, stone or wood flooring are on your wish list as well. Depending on your budget parameters any or all of these items can be part of your plan when you remodel the kitchen.

All of this can add up and some things may require the help of a professional remodel contractor. If you are planning on enlarging your space, you will need to check into obtaining a permit. Know that you can remodel the kitchen in pieces if that fits your budget a bit better. It's your dream and you've earned it. Remodel it your way.