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Pasadena Kitchen Remodeling

Pasadena kitchen remodeling contractors can help you create a cooking area that suits you and your home perfectly. This may involve making unique and artistic choices, such as installing a copper sink. Or, it may involve bright colorful, custom tiles as a backsplash, or even California kitchen countertops. Completing a Pasadena kitchen remodeling project can be challenging, but the long-term rewards make it worth it.

Before you begin your Pasadena kitchen remodeling project, be sure to browse kitchen pictures and articles on this site. Before you actually start remodeling, it's important to have a sense of your remodeling goals and the style of your new Pasadena cuisine. Before you actually begin the remodeling work, it's important to spend time dreaming and planning your ideal kitchen.

Copper Kitchen Sinks

Believe it or not, copper is actually a great choice for a remodeled kitchen sink. For starters, bacteria can survive for days on porcelain or stainless steel, but with copper there's no need to use disinfectants. Furthermore, copper is stylish, long-lasting and easy to care for.

To protect a new copper sink, you may want to wax it. This will help the water "bead" on the surface and prevent spotting. You will not want to polish the sink, though, and you should never use abrasive sponges or scrub brushes. All you really need to do is rinse the sink and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. The copper finish will change over time, but it will continue to look quite lovely.

Copper sinks look best in Victorian or Country Style Pasadena kitchens. The copper has a very warm, soft look. It works for "rustic" style kitchens as well, but it may not work for contemporary style kitchens as well. Copper is not very shiny, rather it is homey and sometimes even brownish, or dark.

When you're considering copper sinks, be sure you only look at solid copper options. Some California companies may try to offer inexpensive copper sinks that include other alloys, which can ruin the finish. The alloys may rust, or make the sink look irregular or odd. Make sure you choose a high quality copper sink that's made of pure copper.

Also, make sure you understand the finish of your copper sink. Sometimes sinks are raw copper, but others have a patina finish or a weathered look. You should consult with a Pasadena kitchen remodeling specialist about the various finishes, and figure out what kind would best suit your California cuisine and your cooking habits.

Kitchen Tiles

If you're remodeling your Pasadena, CA cuisine from floor to ceiling, there's a good chance you'll think about tiles at some point. Tiles can work on your floor, countertop or backsplash. You may not want everything to have tiles. but most likely tiles will cross your mind at some point during your Pasadena kitchen remodeling project.

Floor tiles are a great remodeling choice, since they're water resistant, and do well under heavy traffic and spills. Tiles are one of the most popular floor choices, since they're so durable and they work in many different styles of kitchen. You might consider bright blue tiles your Pasadena cooking area, for example, for a splash of Italian-style color.

Tiled countertops are also a popular choice in Pasadena, California kitchens, since they are pretty easy to install and can be relatively affordable. Of course, the downside of tiles is that you have to deal with the grout, which can be hard to clean. Also, you may want to consult with a Pasadena kitchen remodeling contractor about sealing the grout with a special finish, and make sure that it's installed perfectly so that it doesn't crack.

It's always fun to incorporate a tile backsplash. If you can afford custom tiles, you can create a beautiful design with artistic patterns and unique colors. Also, a tile backsplash is a good choice for your Pasadena kitchen remodeling project, not only because it's lovely, but also because it can withstand the heat of the stove and the moisture.

Most of the time, when people think of tiles, they think of colorful ceramic tiles, but that's not the only kind of tile that's available. For example, natural stones can make lovely tiles. Granite, for example, its one option, but java black pebbles are a possibility too. Also, don't forget that tiles can be alternate sizes.

If you'd like to use tile as part of your Pasadena kitchen remodeling project, you can get really creative. Tiles come in all kinds of colors, materials, shapes and sizes. Remodeling any aspect of your Pasadena, CA cooking area with tiles means you'll get to make some very creative choices. If that sounds overwhelming, you can consult with a Pasadena kitchen remodeling designer to clarify your vision.

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