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Orlando Kitchen Remodeling

Orlando kitchen remodeling contractors can build a multi-purpose island in your new cooking area. An island can offer a breakfast bar and create social gathering area in your Orlando cuisine. Also, an island provides extra storage room and create a nice focal point in the center of your room. Islands are extremely popular remodeling additions.

Orlando kitchen remodeling experts can also help you design a cooking space that will stay nice and cool during the hot Florida summer. Special ventilation techniques can keep your cuisine breezy and comfortable. With the help of expert contractors, you might even feel compelled to use the oven during the hottest months! There's nothing like heat to make you lose your appetite, so why not make sure you design a well-ventilated eating area during your remodeling project?

Quality Kitchen Islands

There are three major kinds of kitchen islands: built-in, cart or mobile, and butcher block. A built-in island will be a permanent fixture, and you can choose any style you want. Your countertop can be wood, stone stainless steel or even tile. Plus, Orlando kitchen remodeling contractors can customize your island.

In fact, if you choose a built-in island when you're remodeling Florida kitchens, you can do pretty much anything you want. You can have a sink, an oven, and a warming drawer on your island. You can choose detailed, custom cabinets or simple shelves. There's no limit if you decide to include a built-in kitchen island in your remodeling plans.

Cart or mobile islands can come ready-made. Wheels allow you to move these islands around your cooking area. However, carts are not as stable as built-in islands. Also, mobile islands don't come with as many stylistic options if you choose to get a ready-made one. Of course, you could have a custom made mobile island if you really want those wheels.

Butcher blocks don't come with too many stylistic options either, as they're always made of wood. You can, however, have wheels if you want. Butcher blocks were originally used in butcher shops, but then they became a popular addition to the modern Orlando cuisine. On a butcher block, you can chop anything, and it's easy to clean and durable. You'd never have to buy a cutting board again!

However, one disadvantage of butcher blocks is that they don't always offer much storage space. Another option is to create a built-in island (with cabinets) and a durable hardwood countertop that can be used for cutting. You can't really have a breakfast bar on a butcher block, either. Butcher blocks are most popular among people who love to cook and, also, they're great in smaller kitchens.

If you'd like to have an island in your Orlando cooking area, think about your basic incentives. Do you want to be able to cut on the surface? Do you really just want a social gathering area or a nice visual? Do you want to have a cooking range on it? If you answer these questions, it will be easier to decide what kind of island will work best for your cooking area.

Keep Your Kitchen Cool

Orlando kitchen remodeling contractors can help you design a cooking space with extra ventilation when remodeling your kitchen. In an Orlando cuisine, it's important to have plenty of air movement, because that's the key to passive cooling. You either need cross ventilation, convective ventilation or mechanical ventilation to keep your kitchen cool.

As an Orlando, FLA resident, you have probably opened windows at opposite sides of your house to create an effective cross ventilation. Orlando kitchen remodeling contractors can help you create this effect in your kitchen. They can also help you with convective or natural stack ventilation. This causes warmer air to rise up and escape through openings in the top of your cooking area.

However, as your Orlando kitchen remodeling contractors will tell you, natural solutions are not as effective in humid climates. Obviously, natural cooling doesn't reduce humidity, which is obviously what makes Florida so hot. An exhaust fan in the cooking area can help, and so can remodeling your home with sophisticated cooling systems.

Orlando kitchen remodeling contractors can talk to you about excellent ventilation systems for your new cooking area. Also, certain materials can help keep your cuisine cooler throughout the year. For example, ceramic tile typically stays pretty cool, and you can use tiles for both your countertops and the floor.

The best way to prepare your Florida cooking area for the summer heat is to talk to an Orlando kitchen remodeling expert. Remodeling specialists in Orlando, FL, know many of the secrets to keeping a home cool, and they can guide you in the right direction. If you're ready to talk to Orlando kitchen remodeling contractors about keeping your cooking area ventilated, you can use the form above.

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