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Modesto Kitchen Remodeling

Modesto kitchen remodeling contractors can help you design a luxury cuisine that suits your home perfectly. Maybe you've been saving for years, or maybe you've bought a new house and you want a high end kitchen. Modesto is not necessarily the city of modesty, so why not design your ideal cooking area? Plus, having a luxury kitchen can really improve the resale value of your house.

When you're remodeling your Modesto cooking area, you need to make sure all your changes are up to code. Modesto kitchen remodeling contractors can help you understand the city codes, and comply with California regulations. Because kitchens are susceptible to fires, there are a number of specific regulations that you have to take into account when you're doing California kitchen remodeling.

Luxury Kitchen Styles

What does luxury in a Modesto kitchen mean to you? Most people think of granite or marble countertops, fancy custom cabinets, sleek stainless steel appliances, and other artful additions. However, luxury is different to everyone. Your idea of a luxury cooking area might be quite unique.

One of the first things you'll need decide is what the style of your Modesto cooking area will be. Generally, kitchen styles are divided into two groups: traditional and contemporary. Contemporary kitchens are much sharper looking, more efficiency oriented and very chic. Traditional kitchens, such as California style kitchens, involve a lot of wood and natural textures. Luxury cooking areas can look exquisite in either style, it just depends on your preference.

If you have a high budget for your Modesto kitchen remodeling project, as you most likely do if you're considering luxury kitchens, you might consider hiring a designer to help you create the perfect space. While you may have very good taste on your own, an interior decorator can really make a difference in creating the overall look of the cooking area with a professional touch. Of course, a really good Modesto kitchen remodeling contractor can also help you in this regard.

High-end Materials

In a luxury cooking space, regardless of whether it's in a traditional or modern style, you most likely want custom cabinets. Custom cabinets can be designed specifically to fit your dishes and cooking utensils. And, of course custom cupboards can be made to look exactly as you want them, unlike ready-made cabinets. An experienced Modesto kitchen remodeling contractor can make cabinets that are (literally) made for your cooking area.

Luxury countertop options when remodeling small kitchens include marble, granite and lavastone. Stainless steel and engineered stone are also high-end options which some cooks prefer due to durability. Naturally, stainless steel generally looks better in contemporary CA kitchens than traditional kitchens. However, in a traditional kitchen you can certainly have stainless steel appliances to add a little shine.

New appliances will be a wonderful addition to your luxury Modesto, CA cooking area. You can have very attractive, energy-efficient and highly functional new appliances. Talk to Modesto kitchen remodeling contractors about the best new appliances on the market, and you'll be delighted to find out how technology has changed over the last few decades.

If you're undertaking a luxury remodeling project, you can choose a floor that's both functional and beautiful. Wood is a popular flooring choice in high-end cooking areas. Custom tile can also be attractive. Cork flooring is also a beautiful, eco-friendly choice. And, while it's usually pretty warm in California, having a heated floor in your cooking area can be very pleasant.

Above all, be sure you don't scrimp on the details during your luxury Modesto kitchen remodeling project. Sometimes people forget how important it is to have superb lighting in the cooking area, to highlight the best aspects. Also, consider the colors, artistic details and the sink. If you're creating a fancy cooking area, you might as well have it looking splendid from top to bottom, and in every corner, too.

Modesto Remodeling Codes

Modesto kitchen remodeling contractors can help you make sure your new cooking area is up to building regulations. The electricity and plumbing of your new cooking space must comply with the state code. Also, certain energy-saving regulations must be implemented, which may effect your lighting plans. You can only have a certain number of bulbs, for example.

You also need a range hood above your stove to absorb smells and heat. Building codes are pretty extensive, especially for cooking areas! You want to make sure your new cooking area is up to code for safety reasons and resale. Furthermore, inspections are required.

Learning the state remodeling codes can be very complicated, so it helps to have a contractor working with you. A contractor should know the regulations inside out. An experienced local contractor will make your remodeling project easy! To get in touch with a capable Modesto kitchen remodeling contractor near you, use the form above.

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