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Knoxville Kitchen Remodeling

Knoxville kitchen remodeling specialists can help you create a kitchen that's both safe and stylish. Your new cooking area will need to comply with a number of Tennessee building codes, which have been set in place to ensure your safety. Also, there are a handful of common sense details that you need to take into consideration during a remodeling project, in order to make sure that the area is as safe as possible.

But don't worry, it's not all about safety! Your new Knoxville cooking area can also be very stylish and contemporary. Kitchen designs are often broken down into two categories to simplify your stylistic decision: contemporary and traditional. Traditional style kitchens incorporate a lot of wood, and more natural colors, whereas contemporary ones are brighter and starker. Knoxville kitchen remodeling designers can help you create a cuisine that suits your unique style perfectly.

Common Sense Safety

Knoxville kitchen remodeling contractors should make safety a priority in your home. It should be at the forefront of their minds when they're remodeling your cooking area. If that's not the case, you should choose different contractors! A lot of accidents happen in the kitchen, mainly due to fires. Many of these accidents can be avoided if the appropriate safety precautions are set in place.

For example, a fire extinguisher should always be located near the door of your Knoxville kitchen. Also, walkways in the cooking space should be relatively open, so that it's easy to move about. Knoxville kitchen remodeling specialists should design your cuisine so that it's accessible and functional even in an emergency.

When you're remodeling your Knoxville Tennessee kitchen, consider basic safety. Make sure, for example, that your floors are made of a material that's not slippery. Also, a lot of accidents can be prevented if your cooking space is well lit. Also, you can purchase appliances with safety locks. Finally, your Knoxville kitchen remodeling contractors should also place electrical outlets away from water sources.

Contemporary Knoxville Kitchens

If you live downtown in an apartment, you may want to ask a Knoxville kitchen remodeling designer about contemporary or modern kitchens. Contemporary style Tennessee kitchens tend to have very sleek and simple surfaces. They often have a lot of stainless steel appliances and a rather clean, almost sterile look.

Naturally, contemporary kitchens aren't for everyone. While they can be extremely stylish, they are not exactly homey or comforting. Also, they often involve bright, harsh colors, as opposed to warm, comforting ones. Still, they suit some people, and they work especially well in large cities like Knoxville, Tennessee.

Most modern Knoxville kitchens have primarily man-made materials, as opposed to rustic textures like wood. Bright, jagged lights might adorn the ceiling. Sleek, knob-free cabinets may cover the walls. Naturally, contemporary kitchens come with many variations, but those are some of the general features in most modern kitchens.

Traditional Kitchen Styles

If modern styles aren't your favorite look, Knoxville kitchen remodeling companies will probably point you towards traditional kitchens instead. In TN, traditional cooking areas are popular, since they give a cozy and welcoming feel. Natural materials, such as wood, are often used in a traditional style cuisine.

Country kitchens, California kitchens and Tuscan kitchens are all part of this style, though each one has a number of subtle (or not so subtl) variations. When you're remodeling your cuisine, you should browse pictures (such as those on this site), to get a feel for the different styles of cooking area that appeal to you the most. Knoxville kitchen remodeling designers can also help you through this process.

Traditional kitchens can be very elegant, too, as is the case with the Victorian, Italianate and Georgian variations. These particular styles incorporate antique fixtures, wood, fluting and other carved details. Woods like cherry, walnut and mahogany are often featured in this style of cuisine. Victorian, Italianate and Georgian kitchens can be quite ornate, and they may make your remodeling project rather costly!

Other traditional styles include Cape Cod, Queen Anne, Edwardian, Farmhouse, Plantation, Bungalow, Neoclassical and an unlimited number of other choices most people have never even heard about! If you choose to design your new TN cooking area in the traditional style, you have an unlimited number of options. Also, while different styles can be effective guidelines, you shouldn't feel limited by them.

You can design your new cooking area with a basic style in mind while incorporating other features that you like. A Knoxville kitchen remodeling designer can help you make sure that your choices don't clash, and that the different aspects are complementary. For example, you can certainly have stainless steel appliances in a traditional cooking area, if you wish. If you're ready to begin discussing your remodeling project with a contractor, feel free to use the form above.

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