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Kitchen Stone Remodeling

Kitchen stone remodeling can add personality to your favorite room in the house. By using the unique random patterns found in nature, you can transform your countertops, floor or backsplash into a unique and eye-catching design. As an accent or centerpiece for your kitchen remodeling project it's a wonderful way to personalize your space.

There are plenty of ways to introduce the natural look of granite, marble and stone into your eating area or prep space. You can use stone to create a lovely backsplash with tile. Tiles are easy to maintain and virtually impenetrable, making them the perfect substance for the messiest areas of your workspace and food -prep space. Long lasting stone tiles are also long lasting and durable. They're beautiful on their own, or make a lovely complement to granite or marble countertops.

Natural countertops and accompanying sinks are very popular lately. Because each one is unique in it's appearance, you'll certainly have an individual look to your countertops. Your lighting will reflect unique qualities in the stone. There are several types of material you can use to create your special look and, although some are more durable that others, with the proper care, each will assure you of long-lasting beauty as you go forward and a lovely complement to any kitchen cabinets.

Stone floors in the kitchen should be approached with a bit of research and consideration given to the amount and type of activity in your space. These kinds of floors will contribute to your homes value, but can be quite costly to maintain and repair if damaged. Some of the more durable materials don't really lend themselves to floor remodeling. However, some sealed tiles can give you the look you desire with more durability than actual stone.

Types of Popular Materials

There are several types of products lending themselves to remodeling. Granite is most popular because it's durable and easy-to-maintain. Once used mainly in high end homes, it's now a lot more affordable and available for kitchen remodeling due to the improved processing techniques.

Granite can be porous so you must make sure it's well sealed. Spills and stains can affect the appearance otherwise. Properly sealed, granite will maintain it's luxurious look for years to come.

Marble is another popular look in kitchen stone remodeling. Because actual marble is vulnerable to caustic chemicals used to clean appliances such as your stove top, and nicks from things like dropped glasses or pots and pans that fall out of your cabinet doors, most kitchen stone remodeling projects that include marble countertops are actually a material called serpentine. Serpentine is not a true marble, but a green-colored material with marble-like characteristics. Sealed properly, it's more durable and resistant to nicks, stains and etching. You're limited to shades of green however.

Slate is another option for your kitchen countertops. It's fairly durable and easy to maintain. It's softer than granite and serpentine, which could make it vulnerable, but overall, a good material for kitchen stone remodeling. Depending on your budget, you will probably want to have a professional remodeling contractor who's familiar with slate install your counters. You'll want to protect your investment as it is a softer material and subject to chipping and breaking on installation. You'll also need to make sure it's sealed properly and a before and after kitchen remodeling professional who is accustomed to working with slate will know how to do this.

Slate is a popular option in flooring in kitchen stone remodeling as it gives a period look. Once again, you will need to maintain the seal on your slate floor, especially if there is a lot of traffic in the area. It's not necessarily a good option for an eating area, and spills, or refrigerator leaks can cause it to be slippery.

Soapstone and limestone are sometimes used for kitchen stone remodeling for counters, however, they aren't popular. Soapstone is only available in it's natural white-to-grey color and darkens with age. Because of the hard quality of soapstone, it's not necessary to seal this product, however it does show marks from liquids or oils unless constantly maintained with mineral oil application.

Limestone is fairly uncommon in kitchen stone remodeling application. Although it's available in many unique variations, it's easily scratched and stained unless the sealant is maintained. If you have a lot of activity in your kitchen, limestone probably isn't a good choice. It's also difficult to find in the marketplace.

Proper Installation is Key

By using our free online service you can find out more about kitchen stone remodeling options, such as when you need to call on a contractor, and how to find a skilled and licensed professional. By hiring a professional contractor you'll be sure your tile, floor and countertops are installed properly. Once installed, you'll be proud of your kitchen stone remodeling project for years to come.