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Kitchen Remodeling Backsplash

Kitchen remodeling backsplash jobs are sometimes part of a larger remodel, but sometimes constitute the whole project. Any kitchen remodeler can show a homeowner different kitchen designs and ideas for doing their backsplash, and there is pretty much no limit to the things we can do in this area. Of course the most common ways to deal with this area are to use a preattached backsplash right on the back edge of the countertops, or to apply premade pieces that are cut to length after the top is installed to hide any rough edges on the inside walls and prevent water or other material from getting in behind the base cabinets.

Some kitchen pictures that remodelers show us feature fancy backsplashes that go far beyond the conventional pieces sold and installed in production homes across the country. These can give us some great ideas on ways to protect outside wall surfaces from the various splashes and other messes we make while cooking in our kitchens. There are some alternatives worth thinking about that many people find are preferable to these premade production designs, both in terms of their function and the way they look. If you are considering doing a tile kitchen remodeling backsplash, it may be a good idea to get with a tile contractor or kitchen remodel contractors with significant experience in this department.

Function of a Countertop Backsplash

While it is true that in some cases a kitchen remodeling backsplash may be done for purely aesthetic reasons, there are certainly functional purposes for countertop backsplashes. For example, behind the sink where we do the dishes and fill up pots with scalding hot water to boil on the stove, the wall needs protection from constant moisture. Where we have our flour or the spice rack, we need something to block this stuff from getting in behind the cabinets and providing a feeding ground for ants or mice.

In short, kitchen countertop backsplash installation must be functional at heart even if it is aesthetic in its soul. Installers have to know the right substrates and adhesives to use to withstand high humidity and other assorted threats that kitchens throw at these areas. A kitchen remodeling backsplash will do no good for the room if it can't stand up to the heat and the moisture, two elements that we are trying to protect the walls from in applying this type of shield.

Alternatives to Premade Backsplashes

Many countertops in different materials come either with a preattached backsplash or a one piece insert that goes on after the countertop is attached. These materials usually only come up a maximum of about four inches above the surface of the countertop. This means that they provide good protection against surface spills, but do not do so well against splashes and other threats to the wall surface.

For this reason there are some alternatives that many homeowners and contractors opt for. Sometimes kitchen remodeling backsplash material is mounted directly to the flat surface of a countertop. And sometimes its bottom edge rests on the top of the preexisting splash provided by the countertop manufacturer. It all depends upon the functional need and the stylistic preference of the person who uses the kitchen the most.

There are multiple ways to do this, but without making a kitchen remodeling job look too industrial, it is good to use tiles to create an extended backsplash surface that is water and heat resistant, attractive, and easy to wipe clean. Homeowners can choose from all manner of tile materials. It does not matter what specific size or substrate you select, as long as the material itself and the way it is installed are both water resistant and able to withstand high heat. Any remodeling product like a kitchen remodeling backsplash has to be at least as functional as it is visually pleasing, or the remodeling job will be a bust when tiles start to fail.

Find a Great Tile Contractor

Completing a remodeling job like this is not easy on your own. Kitchen remodeling backsplash installation might be the toughest tile install there is. This is not only because it is applied to a vertical surface, but because a kitchen remodeling backsplash area has to be able to put up with some tough elements in its daily life. This is certainly not a remodeling job for just any DIY homeowner to try to knock out without doing some serious reading up on what's involved in terms of process and technique.

Ideally, we ought to get a top tile contractor to take care of the job. Find one by using the form at the top of this page. Get a local expert to handle your kitchen remodeling backsplash install and save money on expert tile installation.