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Kitchen Remodel Layout

Finding a kitchen remodel layout that enhances your lifestyle and works well with your busy life can be a challenge. You want to preserve the character of your home and interior design, yet update your cooking and eating area so that it is both efficient and stylishly tasteful. The right kitchen remodel layout can do it all.

This room is no longer merely for meal preparation. Ask anyone who has ever entertained in their home where the party usually ends up and invariably the answer will come back, “the kitchen”. It is described as the heart of the home, and with good reason. This is where the family gathers for that second cup of coffee in the morning, for an after school snack while doing their homework, to share some news or simply break bread at the end of a long day. It stands to reason that one of the biggest remodeling projects any homeowner can take on is a kitchen remodel.

Care must be taken in creating your kitchen remodel layout and determining the remodeling costs. You’ll want to prioritize according to how you spend your time in your family’s favorite room. Are you a gourmet chef in training? The consummate home entertainer? Maybe your family meals are simple grab and go affairs due to a busy lifestyle. No matter what your family’s plans for your remodel, there’s a kitchen remodel layout just for you.

Prioritizing Your Kitchen Remodel Layout

There are several advantages to planning your own remodel layout. You’ll be able to tailor your layout to your specific needs and uses. Plotting a basic idea before you meet with your contractor, or project manager, can go a long way in personalizing the space of your dreams.

The first thing you’ll need to look at is your primary use for the room. If you enjoy creating meals at your leisure and trying the latest recipes, then you’ll want to pay the most attention to your cooking and meal prep area. Whether you are a bake-off queen or budding gourmet, this is the space in which you spend a good deal of your time.

Utilizing the triangle to it’s fullest makes for the most ergonomic-or comfortable to work in -environment. As you create meals, you move from the stove to the sink to the refrigerator. This zone is what’s referred to as the kitchen triangle. Because you want to move about your appliances unfettered, it’s important to place the focus on that principle when designing your kitchen remodel layout. A haphazardly placed island or uncomfortable flooring, even dim lighting, can throw off the serious cook, creating an uncomfortable layout.

Maybe you enjoy less confining pursuits and hobbies. You’ll still want your layout clean-lined and functional. Achieving this layout is relatively easy as you keep two things in mind. You will need to have more than adequate storage and focus on organization. Storage is essential and even a small kitchen has a lot of underused areas that can be made over into cabinets, a nook for a bakers rack, even a place to hang your favorite cookware. Pantries are now much more efficient, rivaling a well planned master closet for organizational space. Prioritizing your remodel layout around organization and storage will pay off in the end.

Call it a dinette, breakfast nook, morning room, eating area, whatever you call it this part of your room must be prioritized as well. This is the part of the kitchen remodel layout that you need to pay close attention to. There are many variables and they can change over time. How large is your family? Do you eat frequent meals altogether, or only on special occasions and in the formal dining room? Perhaps a large breakfast bar or a cozy nook for two will work better than a farmhouse style eat-in area. Keep in mind family dynamics change.

Many people feel a window is essential in a kitchen. Do you live in a high-rise with few windows and doors? If so, you want to make sure your window is strategically placed. Maybe you prefer a more austere kitchen with no windows, or a galley. You can do that too. It’s all about creating a kitchen remodel layout to suit your needs.

Moving Ahead

Now that you’ve decided on a basic kitchen remodel layout, you can get to the business of finding your contractor. By using our free online service you can find the local remodel contractor to suit all of your remodel needs. The pre-qualifying work has been done for you so you know they’re reputable. And because they’re local, you can review the references yourself. You can gather quotes and compare them yourself, all from your own home, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So, go ahead, give our free service a try. You have nothing to lose.