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Kitchen Refacing

Kitchen refacing is a low cost remodel option that continues to grow in popularity as time goes by. All throughout the country, more companies are choosing to specialize in kitchen cabinet refacing or are adding it to their list of services. Just like virtually every product type, the cost of new cabinets seems to inch upward ever higher year after year. Companies try to stay competitive in their pricing, but as lumber prices continue to rise historically, so too will the cost cabinet makers have to charge to recover their investment. Thus kitchen refacing becomes more appealing to the average homeowner every year.

The primary reason why so many folks choose to hire refacing specialists to work on their cabinetry is perfectly obvious to almost anyone. It saves us all kinds of money to go this route with kitchen plans rather than opt for an expensive demolition and replacement job. When you reface rather than replace, you create a lot more available money to hit other areas of the kitchen. In fact, some homeowners who originally thought they were only going to do their cupboards actually find that they have enough cash left over to do complete kitchens once they choose to reface instead of tearing out and replacing everything. It's amazing what a low cost option like this can do for your finances, leaving you with money in your pocket or the flexibility to get even more work done on your home's interior.

A Low Cost Kitchen Idea

Kitchen refacing is the ultimate cost saving remodeling option. It gives consumers the best of both worlds: a whole new look for their kitchens and great financial savings to boot. For some people, the price of new wood cupboards and countertops is something they can easily manage. But this is definitely not the case for everyone. In fact, many consumers stretch their budgets to the limit to pull off these jobs. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that not everyone realizes there are viable alternatives that cost a lot less.

Painting the cupboards appeals to some people, but many really love the look of cherry or birch wood. For those of us in the latter group, kitchen refacing is the perfect solution. As long as your cabinetry is in serviceable condition, you can do this and create a great new style for your kitchen. With all of the cost savings associated with taking this route, many people find that they can afford extra work as well. Maybe you need some new appliances like a microwave or a dishwasher. Or perhaps your sink is ready for replacement.

Renovate Rather than Replace Cabinets

Kitchen refacing gives you the financial flexibility to address other design areas and upgrade selected items throughout the interior. Of course, if there is nothing else that really needs addressing it is also nice to just pocket the savings for a rainy day. The choice to reface rather than replace saves a ton of time as well. Installers can come right in and get the project done in a day or two, without any need for a messy tear out and the inconvenience that brings. So, financial savings are definitely not the lone benefit of kitchen refacing.

If you get with a kitchen remodeler and are gathering prices for work on your home, it's great to mention your interest in this option and see what a difference it can make in the cost of the job. Those of us who are undecided as to which company to use can very quickly find quality remodeling candidates and search their prices with little effort. Just fill in the form at the top of this page and you'll get free no obligation quotes from multiple contractors in your area.

Refacing and Full Scale Remodels

Refacing is a money saving strategy, but it does not preclude us from choosing to do additional work on our kitchens. In fact, refacing actually encourages homeowners to invest more money in other parts of the kitchen because they save so much on the cabinets by electing kitchen refacing over replacement. Those of us who would like to do some extensive work in our kitchens but who have limited financial means to do so should really check into this option. It is a great way to get more for your money.

Kitchen refacing is a quick, simple, cost effective way to dramatically upgrade the style of your cabinetry. Refacing professionals work hard to install their products in such a way that the end result is basically a brand new skin on the old cabinet box. It is a great option to add elegance and contemporary fashion to kitchens for a low cost. Get quotes on kitchen refacing and get more accomplished with every dollar you spend.