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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is an extremely popular investment among homeowners. As our homes get older, these are the two rooms that often seem the most dated and show the worst wear and tear. Remodeling a kitchen takes patience because of the fact that you're left without even a place to have a bowl of cereal while the project is going on. And bathroom jobs are similar; for homes that only have one bathroom the job often has to be done in stages or all at once while the homeowners are away for the weekend.

These days, home prices are sagging and there seems to be little incentive to spend big money remodeling. But kitchen and bathroom remodeling is different. Historically, investors tend to make out better with these kitchen and bath remodel projects than they do expenditures on any other area of the home. Probably the biggest part of the reason explaining this is the fact that these rooms hold such great importance to us. Master baths are where we get ready for work every morning and dress for evenings out with friends. And of course, kitchen remodeling is popular because it is important to get every little bit of use out of this room that we can. Between pancake breakfasts on the weekend and formal dinners with the in laws, we count on our kitchen areas to perform up to a certain standard. And that is why kitchen and bathroom remodeling remains so popular even in a down market.

New Bathroom Sink and Countertops

Bathroom jobs tend to be the less complex of the two if only because the square footage is usually lower. But this is not to say that these jobs are easy to plan or bring to completion. Sometimes homeowners just want a new sink base and maybe a vanity or mirrored medicine cabinet to match. This is a job that can be done in a day. But when ceramic tile on the walls and flooring are added in and other elements added like a toilet or a stand up shower, the length of time to completion increases.

Homeowners who like the setup they currently have but just need an update on the equipment in the room may find an easier time getting affordable prices because of the nature of the work. Switching out an old toilet with a tank that never seems to stop running, for example, is less significant than installing a barrier free toilet with handrails and the other necessary implements. So the complexity of the job may depend on the end goals. Some may wish to start fresh while others are looking more to just replace items that are out of date or whose function has been compromised through the years. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs like these only run the risk of the unknown; that is, the main threat to a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company when they are simply switching out an old tub for a new one, for example, is in what they might find while that old one is removed. The floor may be ready to collapse after years of slow leaks. This is the essence of the difference between remodeling and new construction.

Low Cost Kitchen Designs

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies can help homeowners with their kitchen remodeling designs. Keeping costs as low as possible may help them extend their budget enough to complete the half bathroom adjacent to the room being redone. After all appliances have been purchased from a new refrigerator to a microwave and after the cabinets have been installed, if there is any money left in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling budget, it might get used to lay down matching floor tiles in that bathroom, for example. Getting the most out of a project budget and creating a coordinated floor plan is important.

Find Kitchen Bath Remodel Contractors

With that being said, it is of course not necessary to spend every dollar in the budget if there is leftover money. It is good to have some funds to buy food for our kitchens as well. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies will discuss with homeowners what to do in the event of leftover funds and can even offer suggestions on things that might be looked at, from a new ceiling fan or other fixture above the table to a new door to the bath. Remodeling jobs are all about flexibility; and in those circumstances when things go well enough to produce a surplus we need to be able to think on our feet to decide what to do.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling can be one of the most expensive undertakings that people attempt in their homes, but it can also be one of the most rewarding. Find a contractor and get started.