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Galley Kitchens

Galley kitchens are among the most challenging to remodel, but they are also some of the most rewarding as well. The small amount of available space in many ways complicates the process because the remodeler constantly has to fight against that small space to try to make it larger. But when the project goes well, these kitchens can turn out as efficient and useful as any. Working on a kitchen project like this requires a special set of skills and a certain degree of creativity toward problem solving. Galley kitchens are basically set up like hallways with two sets of cabinets and countertops facing one another. Space is at a premium so everything possible is done to create as much storage as possible.

Successfully completing a remodel in a kitchen like this requires an inordinate amount of attention toward efficiency. Making the most of every bit of countertop space and every cabinet shelf is extremely important. Some remodelers are obviously more experienced than others at remodeling galley kitchens. Experience is probably an even more important issue here than it normally is because of all the potential pitfalls that could come up over the course of the job. Look at remodelers of galley kitchens and find the right one to help with your project.

A More Efficient Kitchen Idea

Unlike spacious European kitchens, galley kitchens at their very best are a study in efficiency. They are situated just so to take advantage of every bit of space that's available. The location of appliances like the oven or refrigerator is coordinated so they generally do not face directly across from one another. This is so that there wouldn't be an issue if the both of them were opened at the same time. With such a narrow space in between the facing rows of cabinetry, there is little extra to work with beyond the reach of the oven or fridge door.

Generally in galley kitchens certain things have to be cut down or sacrificed to make room for as much storage as possible. In many kitchens the upper cabinetry buts up to soffits built into the ceiling, but in these rooms it generally hangs all the way at the top. This provides more room for storage inside oversized upper cupboards and also allows for hanging storage where appropriate underneath the upper cabinetry.

Spacious Countertops and Wood Cabinets

There are other differences in the other items in the room as well that allow for galley style kitchens to have more storage space than they otherwise would in such a small area. For example, dishwashers are usually not present. Eliminating that item leaves room for another base cabinet. And the stove, microwave and refrigerator all might be narrower than standard size to help them squeeze into place without crowding the room. The cabinets and countertops are fashioned in the most efficient way possible with maximum storage in mind. In some kitchens the greater emphasis is on form with less attention paid to functions, but in galley style kitchens the opposite is generally true. The potential use of these galley kitchens is the primary concern and their style somewhat secondary, although as a function of their design part of what makes them stylistically distinctive appears. The hanging pan storage is one of the hallmarks of this kitchen style. It is rare not to see it in a galley because it is such a trademark part of it. So, the focus on functionality actually lends itself to the development of unique and distinctive style.

Locate a Galley Kitchen Remodeler

To take full advantage of the possibilities for a galley style kitchen to provide excellent performance for the whole family, buyers should get into contact with remodelers and find out which ones in their area have experience with this type of project. For most companies it is not every day that they run into something like this, but there are analogous projects that can help in this situation as well. Experience working in small kitchens in general helps remodelers to think more critically about the issue of space and about coming up with better and more effective ways to use it.

Galley kitchens have most of the same elements as other kitchen designs. You'll likely find the basics from a sink to a pantry space of some sort to store non perishable food. And cabinets hang in the same manner whether they are one size or another. The difference in working on these projects is not so much the mechanical end of the work as it is the mindset driving the labor. A galley is different from other projects because space is so precious. Smart homeowners will understand the nature of these rooms and will make sure they hire remodelers who can really handle efficiently working on their galley kitchens.