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Galley Kitchen Remodeling

Galley kitchen remodeling works to make the best possible use of space in these small kitchens. While maximum storage and economy of movement are important to every remodeling job, they are paramount in importance for galley kitchen remodels. The location and the height of cabinets is a detail that gets special treatment in these types of jobs. Appliance size is often discussed, as is the strategic location of appliances so that they all can be opened up all the way without hitting one another. Galley kitchen remodeling is a huge challenge not in spite of the small space being covered but rather because of it. Designers have to come up with creative ways to make the most of what's there without making the room appear too cluttered and to look even smaller than it actually is.

Working with small kitchens like these is a great challenge because of the opposing goals we face as designers. We're trying to maximize storage and make the best use of space, but we're also attempting to avoid clutter and to keep the room as open as it can possibly be. Efficiency usually wins out in this scenario simply out of necessity. But a well designed galley kitchen remodeling setup promotes an organized display where at least everything has its rightful place in the kitchen and has been factored into the cost to remodel a kitchen. Successful remodels in these tight, narrow spaces leverage the expertise of remodelers who have galley experience and who understand the right products and installation strategies to use to make the room as usable and efficient as it can possibly be.

Challenges of Galley Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling kitchens that have underperformed for one reason or the other is generally not easy. But it gets tougher when lack of space is the enemy. This is especially true when the home is occupied by more than just a few people. Coming up with ways to design these remodeling jobs to help the kitchens serve full families is tough. Of particular importance are the countertops and wood cabinets. In galley remodeling jobs countertops perform more extensive storage duties than they ordinarily might in most kitchens. Cabinetry has more of an important job to do as well. Upper cabinets might be taller, often reaching to the ceiling even as they house hanging storage underneath.

Many different accessories make galley kitchen remodeling jobs more efficient, from inside shelving dividers to these hanging storage implements. Every last square inch is utilized, giving galley kitchens a one of a kind look.

A More Efficient Kitchen Idea

And of course, all of this is done in the name of efficiency. Being efficient and well organized is the only way a family can cope with basically only having a hallway to call a kitchen. Galley kitchen remodeling is an extremely specialized area of design because of the way the available space (or lack thereof) informs design. In average kitchens space is an issue but is not always the top priority. But with these kitchens there is literally not a square inch to waste.

Choosing space efficient appliances that cooperate with the needs of the room by not taking up too much room for width and not swinging open out to far into the room is critical. Major manufacturers have special appliance designs like a compact refrigerator or oven that are specifically make for studio apartments or for galley kitchen remodeling. Smart designers do not try to cram as many full sized implements into these kitchens as they can, but choose the appliances that are most needed and size them according to what the room can handle. Often dishwashers are sacrificed in this design in favor of additional base cabinet storage, for example.

Find a Local Kitchen Remodeler

Effective galley kitchen remodeling requires the cooperation of the resident spending time there every day and a remodeler who has access to products and brands that make the best use of limited space. Remodeling galley kitchens might seem like a small job at first. But on closer inspection, we see that this particular remodeling task is complicated not by any daunting physical characteristic, but by the need to somehow as a designer outsmart the room layout. It is extremely beneficial to have the help of a local remodeler to help in this tough task.

Homeowners need only fill out the form at the top of this page to take the first step toward locating a qualified and affordable contractor to work with on their home improvement projects. Galley kitchen remodeling jobs are deceptively difficult and no one should be fooled into thinking they're getting off easy because of the small stature of their kitchens. Find a local contractor to team up with on your galley kitchen remodeling project and make sure the job turns out as well as it can.