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Galley Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Galley kitchen remodeling ideas are numerous and varied. But first, do you know what galley kitchens are? Do you even know if you have a galley kitchen in your home or apartment? Well if you do not know the answer to either of these question then you are not alone. Galleys are kitchens that are long and narrow like a corridor or a hallway. Galleys are common in apartments, condos, and smaller homes because they utilize a small amount of space unlike a split level kitchen. But not all galleys maximize the minimum amount of space that they have. That is why researching remodeling ideas is a great way to figure out how to best utilize space.

Clear Countertops

There are many galley kitchen remodeling ideas that will help you make the most of your space. Though galleys do not have islands and have limited counter space, you do not need to feel crammed. With the right galley kitchen remodeling ideas your kitchen can be as functional, beautiful, and efficient as any. The best part of remodeling your galley is that it does not need to cost you a ton of money. And if you are not sure if your kitchen is considered a galley you need not worry. There is really no set definition. But, if your kitchen does not have a center island or a substantial open space, then you may have one.

The key to getting galley kitchen remodeling ideas is first assessing the space you have. If it is a simple matter of needing more space then you should first consider remodeling the cabinets. New cabinets can be more space efficient with more shelves and less wasted space. If you can get more stuff in the cabinets that you can take more things off of your countertops. Also many customers looking into galley kitchen remodeling ideas get open-faced cabinets without doors. This makes it easier to access dishes and utensils that you use daily. Also, if you put in cabinets that are a little more shallow you can have a wider walkway. But if they are too shallow you will struggle to find places to store larger dishes, pans, and cookware.

New Appliances

Some of the best galley kitchen remodeling ideas involve getting a new refrigerator. New refrigerators are smaller without sacrificing storage space. The cooling devices and technologies have become more advanced so refrigerators are smaller but have just as much space for food. Also, some of the best ideas involve having cabinet panels on the front of the refrigerator. This hides it and makes the room more appealing without the clumsy look of a giant refrigerator sticking out in the middle of it.

Microwaves and dishwashers can also provide great galley kitchen remodeling ideas to make the room more efficient. Newer versions of both are sleeker and slimmer in design so their circuitry and components do not take up a large amount of space. Dishwashers can also have cabinet panels that match the rest of the kitchen. People also have trash compactors with similar facades. But, you can often save more space by keeping a smaller trashcan under the sink.

Many people have different ideas about what will be the best and most efficient layout but there are certain galley kitchen remodeling ideas that you will prefer over others. Most ideas involve having the sink at the end of the corridor. The oven is directly across from the largest countertop space. This makes cooking more efficient and allows you to keep your house cleaner. If you can easily access both the sink and the oven from the workspace you could cook much quicker than people with larger kitchens.


Some people like having all counter tops levels of their kitchen the same. Others prefer split-level because they feel that certain tasks are more suited to different counter heights. Also, split-level counters add an element of design to any room. Some people believe a single level countertop is boring or plain. But no matter what you prefer, there are many ideas and alterations that you can make when remodeling.

Some galley kitchens are only three feet between counters. This is very tight when trying to cook and prepare meals for a family. A more comfortable countertop distant is between four and five feet. But if the space between tops is any greater than six feet, the workable area, often called the work zone, will be too big. If you have other unique remodeling ideas about how you want your galley to function, you can incorporate them into the actual remodeling of your home or apartment. But be sure that you consider all these galley kitchen remodeling ideas before you proceed. If you do so you can have one of the most functional and stylish kitchens around.