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Galley Kitchen Remodel

Galley kitchen remodel quotes are prices quoted to refurbish galley style kitchens. Anyone who owns this type of kitchen understands how important it is to make use of all the available space. Strictly speaking, a galley kitchen remodel is one that works on a kitchen where all of the units appear in two facing lines, usually with a somewhat narrow space separating them. This design makes use of small square footage to get more out less space. So the challenge of the remodeler is to try to maximize efficiency in this constricted area and help homeowners get the most from their galley kitchens.

This type of efficiency requires careful thought and consideration. There are numerous storage and layout techniques that designers use to save space and get more from their kitchens. One of the common elements is ceiling hung cabinetry, underneath which many pots and pans and other items might be hung for additional storage. Improving on existing layouts can be tough when there is so little room to work with. This is why it is so important to seek the aid of an expert designer when working on a custom galley kitchen remodel.

Efficient Galley Kitchen Remodel Designs

One of the toughest kitchen designs to master exists in one of the smallest styles of kitchens. The art of the galley remodel is really quite something to behold. This kitchen idea is based on the principle of maximum use of space. A galley kitchen remodel uses a space that has no table and no center island, only a hallway basically running between two sets of opposing cabinetry and countertops. The goal is to save space and economize movement. The name comes from the galley kitchens of ships that were designed in much the same way and for the same purpose of efficiency. The idea was not adapted to homes until early in the 20th century but many homes and condos today utilize this style to squeeze more use out of less space.

Not everything is different about this type of remodel from all other types. All kitchens need flooring for example. So remodelers working on a galley kitchen remodel might work on a new tile pattern or pick out some great plank wood to install. And of course, there is a need for appliances. But in this particular remodel mode, those appliances may have to be customized to suit the design. The stove may not swing open as far and may even be narrower than usual. The other appliances might be similarly impacted depending on the overall galley kitchen remodel scheme, and changing out appliances can result in a large increase in the cost of kitchen remodel.

Ceiling Hung Cabinets

One feature of this type of remodel is the ceiling hung cabinet. Of course, there are kitchens with oversized cabinetry that extends upward to the ceiling, but in this case the cabinet is hung all the way up as high as it will go to create actual storage space underneath. Rather than just let that empty space go, folks who install galley kitchen remodel jobs make sure they use all the space they can. Small upper cabinets might be fitted with hooks for pots and pans, dish racks, or other implements for getting more out of less. That's the whole theme of the galley kitchen remodel: getting more with less. And for consumers who have this type of kitchen, it should be their theme as they search out remodel companies to do the work.

Save on Custom Remodeled Kitchens

Homeowners can get online to save the most they can on kitchens and remodeling projects of any variety. Perhaps those upper cabinets need freshening up. Or maybe you would like to see what it might cost to have your countertops replaced. It is common for homeowners to get small scale remodels, more common than many people suspect. Not every remodeling job is a total gutting or a start from scratch type of effort. Sometimes you just need a little help keeping things organized or up to date. And these things are especially important in these smaller spaces. Anyone who lives in a house with one of these kitchens can surely testify to the importance of supreme organization. At the very least, we need to make sure we keep our pots really nice and clean.

Getting a price on a galley remodel is just like pricing out work for all other kitchens. The only difference might be that this type of job could possibly be better suited for a specialist or a high end contractor because of the delicate nature of the room and of the need for efficiency and smart planning. For this reason, consumers looking at getting quotes for a galley kitchen remodel are especially urged to look beyond prices quoted to make sure they choose a contractor that can handle the job.