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Fremont Kitchen Remodeling

Fremont kitchen remodeling designers that understand your personal style are wonderful. That way, you'll see eye-to-eye on all the remodeling details. You have a lot of fun style options and other important decisions to make about your new cooking area.

For example, consider whether or not you're interested in designing a green cuisine. If you want to save energy and help the environment, you can ask your Fremont kitchen remodeling contractor about eco-friendly materials. Also, you can use eco appliances and energy saving lighting to keep your kitchen green.

California Kitchen

If you want a cozy and homy kitchen, you can opt for the California style cuisine. You are in Fremont, after all! CA style usually involves warm color schemes, including rich, soft browns and reds, light yellows and deep oranges.

Usually, California kitchens look a lot like Tuscan kitchens. Natural materials, for example, are popular in Fremont cuisines. Of course, there are a number of different kinds of kitchens that fall into this overall style including romantic, beachy, bohemian, and minimalist. As you might expect, your state style encompasses a wide range.

Beachy inspired Fremont kitchens have shells and other beach inspired items. This can be achieved with a few accents, or it can be in every corner of the kitchen. For example, you could paint ocean blue waves on your walls, or have seabird lights. After all, when you're undertaking a Fremont kitchen remodeling project, you can do whatever you want.

If a beachy kitchen sound like too much, consider a bohemian style. Bohemian style homes have earthy tones, and are artistic but simple. Imagine a small Parisian apartment in Montmartre belonging to a group of young painters, and you've probably got bohemian style in your mind's eye.

If you're not interested in arty or beachy styles, you could consider a minimalist cuisine. Usually, minimalist style involves stainless steel appliances, hard edges, and sleek cabinets. Before you begin your Fremont kitchen remodeling project, consider what kind of cuisine you want.

Obviously, in the end, your style doesn't have to belong to any particular category of CA style (or any other style, for that matter). You can simply choose appliances, flooring, cabinets, lighting and countertops that you like and create your style. However, you do want to make sure everything matches! A good Fremont kitchen remodeling designer can help you make sure your style choices don't clash.

Eco-Friendly Appliances and Lighting

In Fremont, many people undertake remodeling projects with the hope that they can green up their home. You can save energy, use eco-friendly materials, and still create a lovely looking cuisine. If you're interested in going green, don't shy away from remodeling with sustainable materials because you think they will be unattractive or expensive.

Your Fremont kitchen remodeling contractor should be able to show you a lot of high-quality green materials, appliances and lighting options while keeping kitchen remodeling costs low. In terms of material, you can consider bamboo, reclaimed wood, cork and recycled tile for your floor. For your cabinets, you can consider bamboo and wheat board.

As for appliances, look for energy saving dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and ranges. Dishwashers can use less water and heat to save energy (and, yes, they still work well). Ask a Fremont kitchen remodeling contractor about great eco-dishwashers, and they'll probably have some helpful ideas for you.

Top and bottom refrigerator units are a good green remodeling choice, as they're more energy efficient than side-by-side units. And, you'll be happy to know, they cost less! One way to figure out if your refrigerator is eco-friendly is to put a dollar bill under the door; if it slides out, your seal isn't tight enough.

In terms of ovens, convection ovens are a good sustainable choice for your Fremont cuisine. They cook food much faster than regular ovens. However, convection ovens are more costly, and you'll need to factor it into your remodeling budget.

Induction ranges are considered more eco-friendly than electric or gas. Induction cooktops use up much less energy. Also, they are easy to control and heat sensitive. Induction stoves are more expensive, but as the demand increases, they'll probably become more affordable.

You can cut down on electricity by using fluorescent lights that require less energy. Of course, fluorescent lights contain mercury, and may not be better for the environment in the end. You can ask a Fremont kitchen remodeling expert about other eco-friendly lights. If you do choose to have fluorescent lights, be sure to recycle them.

On that note, don't forget to add a recycling station to your kitchen. You should have space for multiple compartments to sort your Fremont recycling. Also, you might ask your Fremont kitchen remodeling contractor about adding windows or skylights, if you're interested. The most eco-friendly remodeling choice is to have a lot of natural light.

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