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Fort Wayne Kitchen Remodeling

Fort Wayne kitchen remodeling projects can be very rewarding in the long-run. You have a lot to think about, but your remodeling experience should have a long-lasting, positive effect on your life. Before you get to the details, there are two large areas of concern to address. First, think about the safety of your new Fort Wayne, IN cuisine, and make sure that it remains a priority. Secondly, think about the overall style and look of the new space.

Safety First

When you choose Fort Wayne kitchen remodeling contractors, make sure that safety is a priority for them. Fort Wayne kitchens must comply with a long list of Indiana building codes when remodeling. These codes have been put in place because so many accidents happen around the oven, stove and electrical outlets in cooking areas.

When you're remodeling, remember that plugs and electrical outlets should not be near water sources. Electrical receptacles should be protected with circuit interrupter's which will shut off electric current if they sense moisture or power surges. Also, make sure you place a good fire extinguisher near the kitchen's exit.

Fort Wayne kitchen remodeling contractors can talk to you about other safety issues that you might overlook. For example, proper lighting, including task lighting focused on work surfaces, will make your kitchen safer. Your lighting should not produce any glare or extra shadows. It's amazing what a difference good lighting can make when you're dicing vegetables.

Also, good Fort Wayne kitchen remodeling companies will make sure you have slip-resistant floors. Major accidents happen when people fall in the kitchen, carrying a hot lasagna or a knife. Textured vinyl, for example, is a good nonslip floor material. Ask your Indiana kitchen remodeling contractors which floors are safest.

When purchasing appliances, make sure you think about safety. Today's appliances often have special safety devices to make them childproof. Also, you can opt for safe cooktop with staggered burners or one straight row. It's better to have controls on the side or the front of your range, so you don't have to reach over the hot burners to adjust them.

It's also a good idea to make sure your Indiana cuisine has safe faucets. Anti-scald devices prevent water from getting too hot. Pressure balanced faucets can also even out hot and cold water. If you want, you can buy faucets programmed to your desired temperature settings. Talk to your Fort Wayne kitchen remodeling contractors about hot water regulation for your kitchen sink.

Last but not least, consider the floor plan of your kitchen. How will traffic move through it? Are there sharp edges, or do the corners of counters stick out? Consider the walkways, too, and whether there's enough space. And, of course, ask your Fort Wayne kitchen remodeling contractor about the overall safety or the new space.

Creative Styles

Once you've considered all the boring, necessary, safety details, give yourself a break and consider some of the creative possibilities. What do you want your Fort Wayne cuisine to look like? Most likely, it will look a lot like the rest of your house, but it will also have its own unique set of colors and a particular style.

When you close your eyes and imagine your new Fort Wayne cuisine, after all the kitchen remodeling costs, what does it look like? Are your appliances shiny stainless steel? Or, is it cozy and homey? You should think about what sort of ambience you want when you're remodeling your cuisine.

Getting to know a few of the major kitchen design styles, might help you design your own. Some of the most popular remodeling choices include Tuscan, modern or country French. Your Fort Wayne kitchen remodeling designer might simplify the styles by breaking dividing them into two basic categories: basic or traditional, and modern or contemporary.

A traditional style cuisine will be pretty cozy. A basic Fort Wayne cuisine will include wood, stone, and other natural materials. You can incorporate a few modern touches, such as the stainless steel appliance, but generally basic cuisines will look homey and organic.

Modern or contemporary Fort Wayne kitchens, on the other hand, would be stylish and more unusual. The materials are more likely to be man-made, and include stainless steel, marble and so forth. Some people think that modern style kitchens aren't cozy, which may be true, but they are very functional and impressive.

Your Fort Wayne kitchen remodeling designer should be able to help you determine whether a contemporary or basic cuisine style suits you better. Again, it's okay to incorporate both of the styles in your kitchen. However, it generally works best to have one style dominate with touches of the other. Browse through Fort Wayne kitchen remodeling pictures to give you some idea about how style functions in different IN kitchens.

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