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Escondido Kitchen Remodeling

Escondido kitchen remodeling specialists can help you create the cooking area of your dreams. Designing your new Escondido kitchen will involve making a lot of different choices. You'll need to consider your potential cabinets, countertops, appliances, sink, flooring and so forth. before you begin your Escondido kitchen remodeling project, it's a good idea to spend some time dreaming about the features in your ideal kitchen.

For example, what kind of colors do you imagine in that perfect kitchen? Certain colors are considered better for the cooking area than other colors, and you probably want to take this into consideration. Furthermore, you're not just considering the colors of your wall and your California kitchen cabinets, but rather the entire color scheme of your cooking area.

Furthermore, you may be considering incorporating more eco-friendly components into your cooking area. If so, you want to consider what green materials are available. One such option, for example, is the renewable resource bamboo. Bamboo flooring can be lovely in Escondido cooking area, and you may want to consider bamboo as part of your remodeling project.

Kitchen Colors

One of the most popular colors for California kitchens is yellow. Yellow can be dark and bright, or very soft and pale. Both shades are lovely in large Escondido cooking areas and for small kitchen designs as well. Yellow works well with many other colors. For example, creating a mostly yellow cooking area with certain blue highlights can be quite lovely.

You might also consider painting one wall a pale yellow, and another a bright clay shade. You can do the trim and doors with white paint, and create a country, homey feel. With one spicy wall, and one gentle yellow wall, you can make your cooking area feel homey and yet interesting. You might consider the palettes created by kitchen manufacturers to make a color palette for your Escondido, CA cooking area.

Generally, Escondido kitchen remodeling designers will probably advise you to stay away from blue and green in the cooking area. Blue and green are the kind of colors that make your stomach turn, and therefore not the most appetizing kitchen colors. However, that doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful blue or green backsplash with mostly soft colors.

In fact, if you create a linen-colored Escondido, CA cooking area, you can do pretty much anything you want with your backsplash. Even pink backsplashes can be attractive, if done tastefully. So, if your favorite color is blue, purple, or some other color that's not considered "cooking area friendly", consider a neutral colored cooking area with a bright highlight, such as a backsplash.

Of course, while dark blue is a definite no-no when your remodeling your cuisine walls, light blue is doable. Light and airy blue walls can look lovely and be a great choice for an Escondido kitchen remodeling project. Lighter colors typically work better in the cooking area, and dark colors should be used cautiously. While light colors make a space feel expansive, dark ones make a space feel quite "closed".

On the other hand, remodeling rules are made to be broken on some occasions. If you have a bold, modern cuisine, you might consider painting the walls red during your Escondido kitchen remodeling project. Red is an appetizing color, and can look great in a California cooking area. It's cheerful, rich, and energetic.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a great choice for your Escondido kitchen remodeling project, since it's eco-friendly, stylish and durable. While oak takes up to a century to mature, bamboo matures in only three years. That being said, not everyone agrees that remodeling with bamboo is the most eco-friendly choice. Some think that reclaimed wood is a better idea, for example.

Note that bamboo is not actually wood, it's grass. It looks like hardwood and often falls into that category, but bamboo is not actually wood. Tubes of bamboo are flattened into flat strips, which are dried and laminated. Then, the boards are milled into strips and treated with a preservative. Finally, they're incorporated into your remodeling project.

Escondido kitchen remodeling contractors can offer you either vertical or horizontal bamboo. It's an aesthetic difference, really, and you may want to consult with your Escondido, California remodeling designer regarding this decision. Horizontal bamboo looks like most bamboo, whereas vertical bamboo looks more like a different kind of wood.

Here's some good news: bamboo flooring is relatively affordable, it's pretty durable and it's easy to install. If you're considering bamboo, you may want to consult with an Escondido kitchen remodeling contractor about how it compares to hardwoods or other materials that you might consider. Flooring is one of the bigger choices you'll make during your Escondido kitchen remodeling project. Bamboo is, definitely, a wonderful choice, but you need to make sure it suits your particular cuisine style and cooking habits.

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