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Durham Kitchen Remodeling

Durham kitchen remodeling contractors can help you sort out all the details of your remodeling project. For example, you'll need to decide what kind of countertop you would like, and consider the aesthetics, price and durability. Different countertop materials vary greatly in design, quality and cost. Also, choosing a countertop is one of the most important decisions you will make for your new Durham cuisine, because you'll look at them (and probably use them!) all the time.

Also, you'll need to decide what colors you want for your remodeling project. The colors of your new cooking area will impact your mood in the space as well as the overall style. A Durham kitchen remodeling designer can help you deal with these colorful details, though it's always a good idea to start brainstorming on your own. After all, you want your new North Carolina cuisine to reflect your personal style.

Countertop Materials

You'll want to consider your countertop material early on in your Durham kitchen remodeling project. First of all, countertops take up a big portion of your budget, so you want to know how much you're spending. Furthermore, the style of your countertops will need to be in sync with the rest of your Durham kitchen. When considering your Durham kitchen remodeling project, it's a good idea to start with big aspects such as the flooring, cabinets and countertops.

Granite countertops have been around for awhile, and they are considered a timeless and elegant material in NC kitchens. Of course, granite can also be awfully expensive. Granite is generally pretty heat resistant, but if it's not sealed it can be easily stained. In fact, certain types of granite will leave a mark even if you just set a glass of water down!

Just as the durability of different types of granite varies greatly, so do the colors. You can choose from thousands of different colors of granite for your new Durham, NC kitchen. Granite is also a very hard stone, second only to diamonds. Of course, that also means that knives will grow dull if you try to cut on granite surfaces. Also, granite can crack if it's poorly installed.

Engineered stone is another popular option for countertop North Carolina kitchen remodeling. Durham kitchen remodeling contractors can show you different examples of engineered stone, which sometimes looks a lot like granite. Engineered stone is usually about as expensive as granite, but sometimes it costs more or less. Engineered stone is made mostly of quartz. Engineered stone can be very attractive in both modern and traditional Durham kitchens.

Wood countertops are another option in a slightly lower price range, though the cost of hardwood varies significantly. Oak and maple are probably the most common wood choices in North Carolina, though cherry, mahogany, teak, red beech and walnut are often used as well. Other countertop options for remodeling include solid surface, soapstone, stainless steel, ceramic tile and marble.

Less expensive options for Durham kitchen remodeling projects include ceramic tile and laminate for remodeling small kitchens. Laminate counters are the most affordable remodeling choice, and they're made with plastic coated synthetics. They are easy to clean and pretty durable. Ceramic tile is also easy to clean though it's not as durable, since it can chip easily. Furthermore, ceramic tile can be pretty expensive, depending on where you buy it and whether it's custom tile.

Kitchen Colors

One of the most exciting decisions you'll make during your Durham kitchen remodeling project is what style you want your kitchen to be in. Is there a certain look you always admired? Do you feel at home in country style cooking areas or modern kitchens? Think about your favorite North Carolina cuisines when you're remodeling your Durham kitchen.

Durham kitchen remodeling designers often recommend soft, earthy colors for kitchens, which look nice in Tuscan or traditional style kitchens. Earthier colors and more natural colors are usually considered to be better for Durham kitchens, because they feel homey, warm and cozy. Purples, greens, blues and other "cool" colors are not as well liked in kitchen spaces.

In general, the top choices for cooking areas are light yellow, strong yellow, brown, red and neutrals. Some people go for greens and blues, but they're generally considered less appealing for cooking areas. You usually want to choose a color that gives you an appetite, and certain blues and greens will make your stomach turn instead.

If you want something spunky and colorful, yellows and reds are usually better choices for cooking areas. You could also consider white, if you want to make your cuisine look spacious and sanitary. Many Durham kitchen remodeling designers will lead you towards browns, neutrals and yellows, since you can accent with bright colors, such as cookie jars, art, or flowers. Also, stainless steel appliances can add pizzaz to neutral cuisine.

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