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Kitchen Cabinet Toe Kick Drawers

Kitchen cabinet toe kick drawers offer a storage solution that can free up counter-top and window space in your kitchen. A toe kick drawer is a variation on the more common kitchen pull out drawer. A pull out drawer gives you easy access to your utensils, linens, paper products or other items. The toe kick version is a shallow drawer that occupies the lowest segment of a cabinet frame -- an area that's commonly left open to make room for your feet.

Remodeling your kitchen can be one of the most significant improvements you make to your home. Not only do new fixtures, appliances, cabinets and windows add to the value of your house, they can increase your pleasure in cooking and entertaining. A well designed cabinet represents more than a functional storage device; it's an innovative way of arranging kitchen space so that you can move and work more efficiently. You'll love preparing meals or visiting with family and friends in an uncluttered, beautifully organized room.

A consultant in home design knows how to integrate cabinetry with lighting, flooring, doors and other features to create an elegant, functional workspace. Contact a remodeling expert through this website to receive quotes on the project of your dreams. When you work with an experienced contractor, you have access to high-quality, affordable materials as well as to the very best in labor. To make sure your design is implemented to your specifications, talk with a home improvement professional.

Toe Kick Design Advantages

Kitchen cabinet toe kick drawers maximize your cabinetry by utilizing the area between the base of your cabinet and the floor. Traditionally, this section is left open so that a person standing at the cabinet has room underneath to place his or her toes. The toe kick indentation makes it easier to use the cabinet's surface as a workspace.

However, when you calculate how much space these lower areas take up throughout a room, you may be surprised. Placing shallow drawers in these open areas lets you take advantage of that extra square footage by using it for storage. In small kitchens, where you have to utilize every square inch, kitchen cabinet toe kick drawers are a great advantage. Special touch latches on these drawers let you open and close them with a light nudge of your toe.

With kitchen cabinet toe kick drawers, you can avoid using the areas above your head that are typically reserved for large cupboards that hold plates or glasses. These overhead sections can also be converted into windows, bringing light into the room to illuminate your work area. Cooking in a well organized, sunny kitchen is an experience that you deserve.

Organizing Your Kitchen

Organizing your cooking tools efficiently is a matter of prioritizing their usage. The utensils that you use most frequently -- cutting instruments, serving spoons, measuring cups and flatware -- should be the easiest to access. Many of us prefer to keep these utensils close to the stove in waist level drawers, where we can reach them easily while cooking or serving meals.

Kitchens should also incorporate out-of-the-way storage areas, for the items you use less often. Kitchen cabinet toe kick drawers fulfill this important function. These pull out drawers slide open easily and literally close with a kick of your toe. Although you sacrifice some footage by placing drawers inside the indentation under a cabinet, you create a place to store utensils, plates, table mats or paper products that you don't use very often.

When you're rearranging your cooking environment to make the most of your space, consider storing your large, flat pans in your kitchen cabinet toe kick drawers. These shallow drawers are perfect for broiler pans, sheet cake pans, pizza plates, flat serving dishes or cookie sheets. Because you probably don't use these items on a daily basis, storing them in a less accessible area makes sense. Just kick the drawer closed to hide those objects from view.

Preparing meals in your newly remodeled workspace will be easier and more enjoyable when you can remove clutter from the surfaces of your counters and cabinets. Instead of piling awkwardly sized plates or serving dishes on top of a cabinet or refrigerator, you can tuck all of these items out of sight in your kitchen cabinet toe kick drawers. As you work with a contractor to design your cabinets, don't forget to consider including kitchen cabinet toe kick drawers.

Kitchen cabinet toe kick drawers are a unique, convenient feature that enhance the convenience and efficiency of your cooking environment. Small design innovations can make a big difference in making your room brighter, cleaner and better organized. Contact a home remodeling expert to discuss ideas for maximizing space and increasing the value of your home.